Positive Rejection – Hope From an Agent

Hi everyone!

I received an email today that positively made my spirits soar!

At this point I’ve only submitted my query letter to six agents, I haven’t “shotgunned” it out to more because I was sort of testing the waters.  This was, after all, my very first query letter, and I knew it would need work.

Image source – Kimberly Cameron & Associates website

One of the agents I submitted to was Pooja Menon at Kimberly Cameron & Associates.  Most of the agents I’ve submitted to only wanted a query letter or the letter plus a synopsis, but this agency also wanted the first 50 pages of my manuscripts.

All of the other agents I’ve submitted to so far either didn’t respond or sent the standard copy/paste rejection letters, but Pooja sent a personalized response.

In and of itself I find that a little encouraging, that’s better than anything I’ve ever received previously, not just for this novel but for everything I’ve ever submitted for publication in the past.  But it was her response that made me smile.  She specifically complimented my writing and said she thought the story was interesting.

Unfortunately it wasn’t one she felt she was right to represent.  I don’t know if that’s a standard sort of way of saying “Sorry, not interested” but on the whole her email was highly encouraging :)

Writers more experienced in the search for agents might not think much of this, but I will definitely say that for me, this was a huge boon, and I am very grateful that she took the time to write a personal response!

In any case, I find that I still am having trouble writing a revised query letter to submit to agentqueryconnect.com for further critique.  I seem to be stuck on coming up with a good hook, so I’m going to do some research, find examples of good hooks, and see if it sparks some ideas for me.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Positive Rejection – Hope From an Agent”

  1. Positive rejection is a wonderful thing, especially in an industry where form letters and no feedback come as standard. Well done you! :)

  2. Excellent perspective, Sir. Many a book, motivational seminar, etc. has been put into changing our outlook toward failure, since failure often provides at least as much useful feedback as success with regard to increasing the odds of success for future endeavors. Similarly to how any of us of age have realized how our skills and talents degrade when not practiced or thought about, I think you’re necessarily increasing your likelihood of imminent success by sincerely and carefully pursuing this the way you are, putting in the reflection you describe and trying new avenues and techniques. Good on you for being able to recognize what so few can: often, until the moment we find full success, we fail to see our progress from continued efforts of some kind, but you do well to understand how you are, in fact, demonstrating progress. The only true failure would be to quit now–but we know you won’t do that. ;)

    In short, keep it up, Jon; you’re nearly there!

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