Modern Fantasy – A New Story Idea

Hi everyone!

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been very excited about a new modern fantasy story idea I’ve come up with!!  So excited, in fact, that I am strongly considering setting aside my current series, The Sword of Dragons, to work on it.  I wouldn’t stop trying to find an agent for book 1, but my work on book 3 would slow down drastically.

I don’t yet have a title for this new project, but I’ve been developing it rapidly, coming up with quick character bios (to be fleshed out more as I go along) and fleshing out the story in some detail already.  Unless something comes up, I plan to spend a good deal of time Sunday working on it.

I would like to ask those who read my blog for their opinion: should I post the premise of the story on my blog for all to read?  Or should I keep that kind of detail under wraps and simply tease readers with tidbits of information as I go along?

In a way I think it would be kind of neat to post about developing the new characters, the plot, etc, but I don’t want to give so much away that no one wants to buy the novel when it hits shelves.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated :)

But to give everyone a teaser, here’s a line of dialogue I thought up tonight that I would like to try to work into the story at some point.  I haven’t named the characters yet, so I’m afraid they’re designated by just “C1” “C2” etc.  C1 is the protagonist, by the way :)

C1: “You say this is real life?  I’m standing next to an elf, I can cast magic, and there’s a freaking gargoyle terrorizing the city.  This isn’t real life, it’s a messed up dream!”

C2: “So, what, you’re just gonna shove your head in the sand and hope the scary monsters go away?”

C3: “No, not sand.  Its shoved up somewhere else, though.”

C2: “You’re not helping.”

5 thoughts on “Modern Fantasy – A New Story Idea”

  1. I really like it. It reminds me of Robert Aspirin’s Myth Adventures series. After our conversation yesterday I am getting more excited for this one. As far as what and how much of what you should put out there, hopefully other writers can give advice.

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