Modern Fantasy – The Premise

Hi everyone,

I decided to post the premise of my new story idea, for one big reason: I want to be able to talk about the process of world-building and character development in future blogs.  Doing so without the premise in-hand would probably just frustrate everyone.

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So from here on in, I’ll try revealing enough to excite and interest you all without giving away too much.  After all, as River Song likes to say, “Spoilers!”

Side note: the premise is not wholly complete, so I’ll add little notes here and there in parenthesis indicating as such.  Remember, this is a work in progress!  I also do not yet have a title…


The Premise

Magic is real!  Or at least, it used to be.  In humanity’s earliest days, a small percentage of men and women could connect to magic and use it to bend the world to their will.

When a malevolent entity of unimaginable power threatens to come to Earth (still need to figure out its reason for wanting Earth, and, for that matter, what it actually is), humanity’s most powerful wielders of magic come together and forge a powerful barrier in and around the Earth, blocking all magic.

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The Guardians have protected the barrier ever since.  Occasionally the barrier cracks, and individuals gain unusual abilities or creatures from other realms and worlds come to Earth.  The Guardians always clean up after these mishaps, leaving the tales of mystical creatures and super-powered men to become folklore and superstitious curiosities.

Fast forward to today: a young man named Chris, at the end of his college career and finding he doesn’t like where his life is going, is thrust into the middle of the struggle between the Guardians and a rogue faction.

The barrier is badly damaged in an early battle, and all across the globe strange events begin to unfold.  Earth becomes a maelstrom of magic as the void fills with power.  Chris is surprised to find that he is one of the few who can use this new power, but when this makes him a target for the rogues, he quickly wishes he could lose his new-found abilities.

However, along the way, he begins to discover that he has a natural talent for magic, and soon realizes that this was the piece missing from his life all along.  He must decide whether to embrace his new powers, or to repair the cracks in the barrier.  His choice will change the course of humanity forever.

Where I’m At Now

Today I spent a good deal of time creating the characters, or rather just starting out with a couple of paragraphs about each character, their motivation, and their contribution to the basic story.

Chris may not be the name I keep for the protagonist, but I find it works for now.  I’ll post more info on the characters later on, I don’t want to give too much away up front :)

Having worked on The Sword of Dragons for so long now, I’m finding it to be a fun, if daunting task to build a new world.  It might seem easier, since this starts in present-day Earth, but the back-story is a part of all human history, and this means research.

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Honestly that’s turning out to be a fun task, doing research so that I can figure out how to integrate historical events into the story.  It may play a minor role, or it may play a huge role, but I like that tie-in.  That was one of the things I enjoyed about Stargate SG-1, how they tied ancient history in with the story.

So I have my work cut out for me, but I am looking forward to continuing to work on this new universe!!

Thanks for reading :)


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