Writer’s Playlist – What’s Your Soundtrack?

Hi everyone,

So I’m curious if any other writers out there have a favorite type of music they listen to while they write?  Or a favorite artist/composer?  Do you change up music depending on what kind of scene you write?  For that matter, do you listen to music while you write?

Image Source - awonderfuldog.com
Image Source – awonderfuldog.com

Most of my writing these days is done at Starbucks and I usually don’t take my headphones with me.  So that means whatever music they have on at Starbucks, that’s my soundtrack.

But there are exceptions.  For instance for The Sword of Dragons book 1, when I wrote the last 4 chapters, all of which covered the final epic battle of the novel, I had assembled a playlist of my favorite battle songs from movies and video games.  The songs in this list included:

Suicide Mission – Mass Effect 2
The Battle – Gladiator
Tenrai Divinity (parts 1 and 2) – Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Scorponok – Transformers
The Black Gate Opens – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Image Source - www.last.fm
Image Source – http://www.last.fm

There were more but those are the highlights :)  One of my all-time favorite albums to listen to while writing is Adiemus.  The very first album they did, anyway.

So everyone, please tell me what music inspires you!  Whether its for writing, arts and crafts, or what have you, post it here!  I’m very curious to know what everyone’s soundtrack is :)



2 thoughts on “Writer’s Playlist – What’s Your Soundtrack?”

  1. I’ve got a playlist on Spotify called “homework/cleaning”. It is mostly instrumental with a strong backbeat to all of the songs. Some stuff on there is Trans Siberian Orchestra, Lindsey Stirling, Muse, Eminem, T.a.T.u., and various other artists. It works for keeping my energy level up during house cleaning and it works on low volume for typing papers. Always looking to add strong back beat music to my list!

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