Modern Fantasy – Heros and Villains

Hi everyone!

I finally dove head-first into fleshing out the characters for my new novel (I really need to come up with a title…)  And I have to say I’ve started to really get the feel for the story and the characters :)

I started with the three protagonists, including finally giving them last names and some general info about them.  I found myself coming up with ideas for plot progression as I worked on these.  I love it when characters inform the plot, it usually ends up a lot more interesting and engaging that way!

I’ll give a little blurb about the characters, but they are just very basic ones, and I’ll also try not to give away too much of the story!  (The pictures of the 3 protagonists are random pictures taken from the web :) )

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Christopher Tatsu – Primary protagonist, Japanese-American.  5’8″ tall.  Keeps his black hair fairly short, around a couple of inches.  He often has tried to avoid being physically active, but Emmi doesn’t let him and so he has a fairly toned physical build.

Chris is a 5th generation Japanese-American and finds that he’s not a fan of his parents’ plans for him, but he is unwilling to defy their wishes.  Hence his choice of Computer Science for schooling.  He has felt rather listless in life, not feeling passionate about any potential career field or education path.  He is, however, passionate about his loyalty to his friends, including his long-time friend Emmi, whom he has known since childhood.

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Emmanuelle Dubois – Goes by the name of Emmi.  She is 5’7″ tall and has red hair that she keeps cut relatively short, around the bottom of her jawline.  Her eyes are a bright blue.  She is fairly athletic and is a fan of nature; she goes on several hikes and loves to go camping, often dragging Chris and their newer friend, Alycia, with.

Emmi’s ancestry is mostly French, but her family has lived in the United States since before the Civil War.  She has known Chris since they were both 10.  She has a very energetic demeanor, and is much more willing to do what she wants, and tries to encourage Chris to defy his parents’ wishes and find his own way in life.  She’s gone through a lot of relationships and finds herself fairly jaded about romance.

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Alycia Taylor –  She is 5’4″ tall and keeps her brunette hair long enough to just fall below her shoulder blades.  She has brown eyes and seems to have a natural tan at all times.  She has an average body build, but thanks to taking a movie-style sword fighting class in her last semester, she’s becoming increasingly fit.

Alycia lived in Australia until her family moved to the United States when she was 14.  She is very much a geek, but she is not entirely comfortable showing this fact to the world, so she tries to hide it.  This includes wearing contacts, despite how uncomfortable they are for her, but when she’s around trusted friends, she ditches the contacts and wears her glasses.  She is a very visual person and has an active imagination, which led her to Graphic Design and Animation for her education.  She has had a crush on Chris ever since she met him, but she is far too unsure of herself to admit it to him.

The Villain

Although there are multiple villains, many of them are hidden or unknown initially, and I don’t want to ruin surprises :)  So for this section, I’ll just talk about the central villain of book 1.

Nabu – According to ancient myths, Nabu was a god in ancient Babylon, the son of Marduk and Sarpanit.  It was said that he served his father loyally, but had a large base of worshipers all of his own in the nearby Borsippa.

Nabu is indeed an immortal and powerful being, but his physical form is human, and he is said to be half-human.  When the Barrier was first created, it in essence cut Nabu off from half of the very essence of his being, and it drove him to insanity.  He has struggled for the last three thousand years to demolish the Barrier, but has been stopped every time by the Guardians.

After several centuries of imprisonment, Nabu escaped fifteen years ago.  Though still without magic, he has a natural charisma that draws many to his cause.  Most recently this has included several members of the Guardians from all across the world.  He also is infamous for taking a particular liking to certain women, and throughout the millennia has always had a consort.

I want to make Nabu an enigma.  While his motivations are not entirely a secret, his ability to balance insanity with charisma is intended to be puzzling and dangerous.  Through his charisma, Nabu will lead others to his point of view.  In time, this allows him to begin projecting his insanity onto his followers.  He twists and turns them until there is nothing left of the original person.

Supporting Characters

I don’t want to give too much away, so for now I’ll just give little blurbs about the supporting characters :)

Thomas Walker – Commands the U.S. detachment of the Guardians.  Ex-military, 51 years old.  Usually personable, but impatient with cowardice or stupidity.

Eric Walker – Thomas’s son, and friend to Chris and his friends.  He is brash and rebellious, and has a tendency to help his friends get into trouble.

Shara – An elf who has been stranded on Earth since 1917.  A fluke portal that breached the Barrier through a crack planted her in the middle of a battlefield.  She was rescued by a member of the Guardians and was taken to the U.S., where she has worked with the Guardians to repay the debt she feels she owes them for saving her.  Much to Emmi’s disappointment, Shara has almost fully assimilated into human culture.

Abigail Turner – She serves as the procurement and logistics officer for the U.S. detachment of the Guardians, supplemented by her ability to hack almost any system.  She became involved with the Guardians when a monster, brought to Earth through a minor crack in the Barrier, wounded her and paralyzed her from the waist-down.  She has a very big heart, and is often seen as the spirit of the team.


I hope you all enjoyed this peak into the upcoming novel.  I have never developed a story this fast, and find that I’m about ready to start jotting down the full plot progression!  So stay tuned for more updates in the near future :)



6 thoughts on “Modern Fantasy – Heros and Villains”

  1. I’m liking the sound of this! And isn’t it great when you start something and the next thing you know you’re flying along with it? I’m finding that since making the decision to go back to fantasy writing. It feels like I’ve come home. :)

    1. Hi Erica! Thank you for your comment, I’m glad this sounds exciting to you! And yes, I love how this is feeling. More and more over the past year or so I’ve felt like I’ve really found my stride in writing.

      I’m glad you’ve found yours again too, and in fantasy no less! :D I’m really really behind on reading blogs thanks to a packed few days (and is why it was several days between articles) but I can’t wait to catch up and read more about your endeavors!

  2. I’m still trying to get myself in the habit of reading and networking with blogs, it’s a bit of a forward and back dance with me. I’ll get there in the end though.

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