Facebook Page Created

Hi everyone!

After receiving encouragement to create a Facebook Author’s Page, I finally did!  I’m honestly not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do on it, but I’ll be learning as I go, just as I have been with this blog :)

I’ve read from various sources that agents and publishers are more likely to consider writers who have a presence in social media, including Facebook and in the blogging community.  Not only do I see the wisdom in doing this (after all, an author with a lot followers in social media is more likely to have buyers for their novel), but I’m also excited to have multiple platforms to connect with readers and other writers!  As I stated when I first started my blog, that’s the kind of author I want to be :)

Please check out the page and click Like to follow me on Facebook!


Also to anyone out there who has their own Facebook page, please let me know about it so I can follow you on Facebook!  :D


8 thoughts on “Facebook Page Created”

  1. Mine’s mostly just blog post links because I don’t know what else to say on there most of the time, haha. /EricaJudd.Author :)

    1. Hiya, thanks for stopping by :) I waited a while too, but after thinking “I have nothing to post on here” I’m finding I have stuff to post on there quite often. Please let me know when you have a facebook page, I’ll be sure to follow it :)

      1. Thank you! Everything on my blog was free, its the 2014 layout. I think I spent a good half of a day playing with it to get it to look right, and have tweaked it a bit since then.

      2. I never really thought mine worth emulating, lol. One piece of advice, in all things blogging, is to stay true to yourself. So make your blog an extension of your imagination. Make it look like it belongs to you and no one else :)

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