Chronicles of the Sentinels – Excerpt from Chapter 1

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Christopher Tatsu (Image Source -
Christopher Tatsu (Image Source –

While I didn’t join in the Weekend Writing Warriors yet, I decided to go ahead and post an excerpt from my work in progress.  This is a little over the 8-sentence count the WWW wants, but I wanted to put a little bit more in.

Having never done this, I wasn’t sure what to post, but I think this one is a good glimpse into two of the central characters.  In this scene, Chris has just finished one of his finals.  He met up with Alycia, a friend and someone to whom Chris feels a great deal of attraction for.


When they walked up to the bus stop, they remained awkwardly quiet for a couple of minutes. He felt flustered from their hand touch earlier, and he had no idea what to say next. Finally Alycia broke the silence a few moments before the bus arrived, “You know you could always find a different career, right?”

It was an old discussion, one which he’d also had with his best friend Emmi on multiple occasions. How could he change career paths? His Dad was a programmer, so was his Mom. “It’s in the genes,” his Dad had insisted over and over again. Of course, that didn’t stop them from letting his younger brother do whatever he wanted, which at the moment was take a year off from school before starting college.

They boarded the bus together and sat next to one another, their shoulders touching, but in a familiar, friendly way, and he found comfort in that. “Well, what can I say,” he finally replied. “I’m a glutton for punishment.”

“That’s a horrible cliché,” she rolled her eyes. It was his way of telling her ‘let’s drop the subject,’ and she took the cue and didn’t bring it up again.


I hope you enjoyed this small snippet, please let me know if this was something you liked!



4 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Sentinels – Excerpt from Chapter 1”

    1. I’m glad it interested you, and that you’re already curious about Chris and Alycia. That tells me I’m doing my job right :D Thank you for your comment!

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