That Insatiable Need to Write

Hi everyone!

So this past weekend, I wasn’t able to do any writing.  Aside from taking me from being ahead of schedule to behind schedule on my deadline, I also found myself wishing I could find time to write the entire weekend.

I’m not complaining, to be sure, I had a blast this weekend!  Exploring parts of Denver and enjoying the last day of the Colorado Renaissance Festival…I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend :)  I even went back to 16th Street Mall to check out the location for one of the scenes in Chronicles of the Sentinels!

However, when I opened up my laptop this morning at Starbucks and spent an hour writing before work, I felt re-energized and alive again!  It felt like something had been missing from my life for nearly three days, and I found it again this morning :)

I’m curious if anyone else has this same experience?  Where if you go too long without writing, you get fidgity and anxious, you become distracted by story ideas (okay, for me that’s almost always happening,) and when you look at your laptop or notebook and go, “…just five minutes!  That’s all I need!”  Of course, five minutes turns into an hour, turns into five hours…

I find that the more I write, the more I love it.  I’ve been writing for nearly twenty years (I think closer to 18 at the moment, but I’ll keep rounding up :p )  And now I’m writing so much!  I mean I’m literally spending mornings and evenings writing, usually at one Starbucks or another!

Chronicles of the Sentinels update

As of tonight, I have finished chapter 14 of Chronicles of the Sentinels.  Here are the statistics so far:

Word Count: 41,859
Page Count: 128

My word count and page count are right on track for my expected outcome of about 230 to 240 pages and less than or up to 80k words.  :D


2 thoughts on “That Insatiable Need to Write”

  1. Yep need my fix each week. It’s pretty amazing how it can become such a need like running. I was never a runner but after I started to get the hang of it I found the need to run become urgent. Keep it up! Cheers!

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