Chronicles of the Sentinels – Excerpt from Chapter 10

Hi everyone!

So as promised, here is another excerpt from book 1 of Chronicles of the Sentinels.  Once more I’m over 8 sentences, but that’s okay :)

In this scene, directly following the attack in chapter 9, the trio have been brought to the Sentinel facility, and are learning about the Barrier and how magic works.


“It’s exactly why I told you to not use magic,” Thomas glared at Chris, which elicited a gulp from him. “Every time magic is used where there is a crack in the Barrier, it weakens it, maybe even makes the cracks worse.”

“How do you track cracks now?” Emmi asked, the first time she’d spoken since they fled Sixteenth Street.

“Some sort of cool technology?” Alycia asked, hopeful. “Something that somehow tracks the electromagnetic field that the Barrier generates?”

Shara raised her eyebrow at Alycia, “You really have watched too much television.”

Alycia’s face turned red and she looked down. “Sorry.” Chris unconsciously reached out and rubbed her arm encouragingly.


Thanks for reading!  Please comment below to let me know what you think.



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