Chronicles of the Sentinels – Legacy excerpt

Hi everyone!

I continue to find it difficult to pick a passage to post on here, because I always want it to be something interesting, but I don’t want to give away the best parts of the novel!

For instance, I had thought about avoiding any excerpts that revealed what Emmi’s powers were, but then I remembered I had already revealed that in an early article about Chronicles.  So today’s excerpt comes from chapter 12, and is one of many chapters from Emmi’s perspective :)

Image source - Google Images
Image source – Google Images

To those who weren’t already following my blog when I revealed it, Emmi’s powers grant her the ability to transform into animals.  I’ve heard different terms for this, including shapeshifting (but to me that suggests more than just animals) and animorph, which is actually the name of a sci fi series.

Anyway, in this scene, Emmi has been exploring the Sentinel facility in the middle of the night.  When the leader of the Sentinels, Tom, nearly catches her in a part of the facility she isn’t allowed in, she turns herself into a cat, and hides in one of the labs.  The excerpt picks up just after Tom leaves the lab.  Emmi is hiding under a shelf behind several bottles of cleaning solvents.


Curiously, she found she could hear his boot steps for a long time, and she realized that her cat ears gave her better hearing. It was definitely a perk, and would allow her to sneak around a little easier.

After she was convinced he was far enough away, she slipped out. Her tail brushed up against a nearly-empty bottle and knocked it over, and when she heard it fall, she jumped three feet high in fright!

When she had collected her wits, she slowly made her way out of the lab. She stayed close to the wall, and felt like she was walking on the tips of her cat toes. She felt her ears move in various directions as she picked up tiny little noises. The novelty of moving ears made her want to smile again, and once again her new body translated that into a purr.

She investigated each of the open labs, and her curiosity intensified. The cliché ‘curiosity killed the cat’ came to mind, but she humorously thought to herself, but satisfaction brought her back. And besides, I have nine lives now.


There you are, a quick peak into Emmi’s experience as a cat.  I hope you all liked it!  I feel like these peaks and glimpses into the world of Chronicles barely does it justice, but it’s still fun to post them and hear what everyone thinks of them :)  So please, comment below and tell me what you think!

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