The Sword of Dragons – Covers, Abstracts, and Prologues

Hey everyone!

So I have a ton of exciting news about The Sword of Dragons!  No, it isn’t the release date…not yet.  That will be coming very soon :)

A slew of 'traditional' fantasy novel covers (all from the same series)  Image source -
A slew of ‘traditional’ fantasy novel covers (all from the same series) Image source –

First and foremost, the cover for my first novel is in the works!  I decided not to go the traditional fantasy artwork route.  I don’t recall if I mentioned it before, but one day recently I stood in front of a large row of bookshelves full to the brim of Fantasy and Sci Fi novels, and I realized that all of those traditional, fantasy-style covers all blended in.  Not a single one of them stood out amongst the others.

business-cardI don’t want that for The Sword of Dragons.  I want mine to look unique, to stand out amongst the crowd.  Having already been impressed by Graphic Design artist Christian Michael because of his work on my business card and his own novel covers, I decided to hire him.  The first iteration of the cover he made for me is amazing!

Unfortunately I am not quite ready to show this off to you all, I intend to wait to reveal the cover until it is 100% finished.  But it is looking pretty incredible already, Christian is an incredible designer!

Next, today I spent several hours working on the back-of-the-novel description of The Sword of Dragons (also known as the abstract.)  Describing my stories in a succinct and interesting way has always been difficult for me, so this was a huge challenge.  But I like what I have come up with, and so far so does everyone else.

Stay tuned over the next few days, because I intend to publicly post that abstract :)

I also rewrote the prologue.  “What??  Again?!”  yep, again.  I was really unhappy with how it was, and I received some incredible feedback on it from a writer’s critique group a couple of months ago.  But I decided it was un-salvageable, and wrote the prologue from scratch.  That, too, has turned out very well :)

That leaves only two things left until I’m ready to prep the novel for publication: a finalized cover, and a rewritten or vastly improved chapter 1.  I’m almost there!

Venues: Createspace, Amazon Kindle, and Nook Press

So far the big hitters I am going with for publication are Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook Press for the Barnes and Noble Nook, and, which is Amazon’s print-on-demand publisher.

These venues will allow me to have the greatest distribution.  Anyone with a Nook or Kindle, or the software for those eReaders on their PC’s or Macs, will be able to purchase and read The Sword of Dragons, plus anyone and everyone can order a hard copy from Amazon and their authorized distributors.

That in and of itself is potentially hundreds of thousands of fantasy readers!!!  :D  Of course, if there is enough demand for other venues (someone recently mentioned Apple’s iBook store.  How many people here use that app?) I will happily release TSOD on those vendors.

I am sooo freaking excited about all of this!  I’ve written for over 20 years, and now I am finally, finally making my dreams come true!  Sure, you won’t be seeing The Sword of Dragons on bookstore shelves, not yet anyway….but this is a start.  And I think it’ll be a good start.

Keep a close eye here, folks.  Trust me, things are going to start moving fast, and The Sword of Dragons will be available for release before you know it :)

-Jon Wasik


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