Characters of The Sword of Dragons

Hi everyone!

With the release of The Sword of Dragons just around the corner, I thought I’d give you all a quick brief on some of the characters.

For those of you who missed it, I previously wrote an article that featured info on three of the women in The Sword of Dragons, Sira, Kailar, and Elaria.  Click here to read that article.  Today, I’ll feature a few of the men, including the protagonist.  So, without further ado…

Characters of TSOD

cardin2Cardin Kataar:

Cardin grew up learning to become a Warrior, training and honing his abilities as a  Mage while practicing his technique with a longsword.  He was skilled, adept, and cunning, and had the makings of a future leader of the Warriors’ Guild…until he turned down membership.

On the day of induction, he refused and turned away from the Guild, betraying his friends.  He believed that the Guild had become corrupt and lost its way, and refused to be a part of an organization controlled by greed and lust for power.

For nearly ten years, he has lived as an outcast, scrounging resources where he can, living by hunting and taking any odd jobs he could find for a freelance Mage.  He had hoped his actions would have changed the Guild, but no one listened.  He is alone.

Until an inexperienced Wizard chose him to protect The Sword of Dragons…

reis-kalindReis Kalind:

Reis grew up with Cardin and Sira, but unlike his two best friends, he has no magical abilities whatsoever.  Always envious of his friends’ skills, throughout his Warrior training he chose to forgo a shortsword and shield and chose to learn the longsword, as a Mage would.

Reis was always known as a joker, and often was the life of a party.  If he could help it, he never was without a smile.  Even when life got serious, he found a way to lighten the mood and make everyone smile and laugh.

But in battle, there are few who can match him.  He fights with a determination and strength that has made him one of the most valuable Warriors in the Guild.

More than that, he is the most loyal friend to be found.


Considered a young Wizard at the age of 287 years old, Dalin was born and raised in the Grand Wizard Hall, a complex constructed in a realm beyond Halarite.

Dalin is brash, and finds the policies and attitude of the Wizards’ Guild frustrating and counterproductive.  He often goes against the will of his mentors and has been chastised and punished many times for it.  He was very nearly held back from graduating beyond apprenticeship for this reason.

The only reason he does not leave is he finds the training itself valuable, and the knowledge contained within the Guild library invaluable.

On a leap of faith, the Master Wizard Aenar decided that giving Dalin increased responsibilities would allow him see the bigger picture and better understand why the Guild works the way it does.  That was when he learned about the Sword of Dragons, how it was created, and why.

When he learns about a rogue Mage on the hunt for the Sword, Dalin is the only Wizard who truly believes her to be a threat.  With no support from his peers or mentors, he must seek help on Halarite itself.

Pre-order on Kindle

kindle-logoI hope you all enjoyed that look into the characters!  I have good news: as soon as it is approved by Kindle, The Sword of Dragons will be available for pre-order on the Amazon Kindle!

Better still, those of you who choose to buy the physical copy will receive a special discount on the Kindle edition!

Thanks for reading, see you again soon!  :)

-Jon Wasik

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