The Guilds of Halarite – The Sword of Dragons

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While they are not the only guilds on the world of Halarite, The Warriors’ Guild and the Wizards’ Guild are central to the story of The Sword of Dragons.  But what are they?  Who leads them?  How were they formed?  Here’s a sneak peak into these elite groups :)

The Warriors’ Guild

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They have existed since the dawn of the first kingdom of Tal, the elite fighters, the best swordsmen and archers, the most powerful Mages.  Their founding mission was to protect every citizen of the kingdom.

For over 10,000 years they have stood as the guardians of humanity, grown larger and stronger.  When the other kingdoms formed, they joined them, and spread across to every corner of the continent.  While the kings and queens still have their own loyal soldiers, the Warriors stand apart, and are paid handsomely to protect their countries.

When a young man or woman becomes old enough to hold a sword or bow, or when a Mage first displays their power, they are taken before the Warriors for consideration.  If they are deemed strong enough, they join the Academy.

While much of their time is spent in martial training, they also spend considerable time in the classrooms, reading about history, language, art, and countless other subjects.  They become the most well educated citizens of their kingdoms.

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Upon graduation, inductees swear their oath to the Guild.  Custom armor and weapons are forged for them, often dyed to their requested color, signifying each Warrior as unique, a cut above the common soldiers.  And they begin their life-long careers in the Guild.

Most Warriors experience lives of endless patrols, continuing education, and eventually they become the teachers or leaders of the Guild.  But every couple of generations, another Lesser War breaks out, and the kingdoms look to the Warriors to defend their borders.

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There is no more dangerous times to be a Warrior.  With all kingdoms calling upon their Warriors, the battles are devastating and vicious, casualties are high.  That is why most veterans do everything they can to keep the peace.  Sometimes at any cost.

The Wizards’ Guild

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Magic did not always exist in the kingdoms.  Though considered to be among the greatest men of all time, even the fabled Archanon and Talus did not have magical abilities.  But over time, abilities began to manifest amongst a select few of the citizens.

Over time, the powers of these individuals and their descendants grew.  Their lives became longer, and they became both revered and feared in society.  Eventually there came to be one in particular, a powerful woman named Raulor, who realized the inherent dangers of uncontrolled magical development.

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She began to gather those she could find with the talent, and began to train them with what she had learned.  With the blessing of Tal Kingdom, the Wizards’ Guild was formed.  As her own apprentices took on their own pupils, a dedicated compound was needed, and the first Grand Wizard Hall was built in the north, where the Wizards could practice their craft without endangering anyone else.

As with the Warriors, education become essential to the Guild.  Other citizens revered them as the wisest and most intelligent, and looked to them for guidance.  They became the advisers to the kings and queens.

It was not long before they began to believe the rhetoric themselves.  Eventually they began to believe themselves above humanity.  Eventually, they began to think of themselves as separate from humanity.

On the eve of the Great War, the Wizards decided the time had come to leave behind Halarite and the four kingdoms.  With their combined powers, they created a wholly new realm in space and time, where the Second Grand Wizard Hall was constructed.  They disenchanted their old Hall, and abandoned Halarite.

For three thousand years, they have remained isolated.  Few ventured from the Grand Hall to Halarite or other worlds, and they became complacent in their isolation in the universe.


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During the height of the Wizards’ Guild, they began to become far more selective of whom they allowed into their ranks.  They stopped taking any human with magical talent and began to allow only the most talented.

This left many untrained people with magical talents.  With lesser power, they realized they could not rely entirely on magic.  This was how the Mage class came to be – they trained in both martial and magical arts, and became invaluable members of the Warriors’ Guild.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the universe of The Sword of Dragons.  Keep your eyes peeled, because the novel will soon be available!!  :)

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik

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