Kindle Select vs. Nook

Hey everyone!

I wanted to announce that, barring any major objections from readers, I will be pulling The Sword of Dragons off of the Nook so that I may enroll in the Kindle Select program.

kindle-logoThis decision does not come lightly, as I myself own a Nook device and not a Kindle.  However, there are many reasons for this, and believe it or not, it is not about money.  It is about sales, but only so far as numbers sold, not royalties made.

To compare, I have sold only 2 copies on the Nook (and the person who purchased them is someone I know personally.)  Kindle, on the other hand, I have sold 14 copies.  That is a huge difference right there.

storm-of-illusionI recently spoke to Alan Black, a fellow self-published author that I used to work with way back when I worked at a local movie theater.  His first book, A Storm of Illusion, has been out since July 18th 2014, plus he has a 2nd book out now.  So he has had some experience with for his print edition as well as Kindle and Nook.

I was shocked to learn that when he enrolled his book in the Kindle Select program, his sales went from maybe 1 a week to 1 or 2 per day!  Now that is a heck of a difference!

Again, my motivation is not money: it is readership.  I am a brand new author with his first novel out, I do not yet have a base of readership, and in fact I am relatively unknown.  So I feel it is necessary to attempt to expand my readership beyond the 20 readers who have bought print or ebook editions.

I want to share my novel with the world, but if few people know it exists, that will never truly happen.

What Is Kindle Select?

Kindle Select is a program that I can enroll my book in for free, but it requires that I make the book exclusive to Kindle for the duration of my enrollment.  What do I get with it?

Most importantly, The Sword of Dragons becomes available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and it becomes available to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

In a sense, this means subscribers get to read my book without any additional cost beyond their subscription fee.  And I believe that is a big driving factor behind Alan Black’s significant increase in copies purchased.

This makes the book far more accessible.  Plus I can enroll The Sword of Dragons in one of a couple of promotions via Kindle Select.  This means deals for you, the reader :)

Loyalty to the Readers

While I do intend to go through with this, I meant what I said at the beginning of the blog: if I receive multiple objections here, I will not make this move.  I know that not everyone has Kindle.  However, if there are no objections, then beginning June 1st, the eBook of The Sword of Dragons will become exclusive to the Kindle (for now :) ).

Thank you so much to all of you for reading, and keep an eye here, I have more exciting news to announce later on.  Including an upcoming interview on a live podcast!  :D

-Jon Wasik

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