Video from the Interview

Hi everyone!

The video for my live interview last weekend is available for your viewing pleasure :D  Check it out!


The interview was a total blast, despite some technical difficulties with the internet (blast you, Comcast!!!!)  Wayne had some excellent questions and I was very pleased with the responses I got from some of the viewers (especially Pusser, heheh.)  I wish there had been more time to answer questions, but I’ll definitely be on the show again in the future, so it’s okay :)

Bye Bye Nook, Hello Kindle Select

In other news, for those who haven’t heard yet, The Sword of Dragons has been taken off of Nook for the time being.  For those of you who are part of the Kindle Unlimited program, this is great news: you get to read the novel at no additional cost to you!  It is also in the Kindle Lending Library.  So if you haven’t already done so, check it out!

I’m sorry for the short post today, but I want to get back to working on the website :)  Hopefully it won’t be long until it is ready for you all!

Thanks for reading :D
-Jon Wasik

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