The Sword of Dragons – Preview of the Website

Hey everyone!

After struggling with with how I was going to build the website, the layout design and the content, I have finally begun to make progress on!  Check it out below (click the image for a larger view :) )

website-previewI’m excited to finally get things going on the novel’s website :D  Mind you what you see is not the final product (if it was, the website would be up and available to view :) )

What do you all think?  Good?  Bad?  I’m not sure about the background myself, I found it under open source on google images for Fantasy Landscapes, but I’d like something more fantasy-esque.  So that may change before final release.

Sorry for yet another short post, but don’t worry, ever-more exciting news is on the horizon!  Including info about book 2!!!  :D

Thanks for reading
-Jon Wasik


One thought on “The Sword of Dragons – Preview of the Website”

  1. The current one gets the job done but it’s not exactly pretty and doesn’t say a lot. This one looks much better and appears as though it will have lots more information.

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