Burning Skies Sneak Peak!

Hey everyone!

I know I have only mentioned the next book in the Sword of Dragons saga, but I have otherwise made no official announcements or covered much about it.  Today that changes :D

I do have a brief description in the “My Novels” section of my blog, but now it’s time to start giving you all more :D  So without further ado, I thought I’d kick things off by presenting to you page 1, the prologue of Burning Skies!

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A shattered world shall return to its people;
Darkness and fire will descend.

Legends tell of a great war fought between the most powerful creatures in the universe – dragons, titans of immeasurable power, clashed in a deadly civil war for thousands of years. Their battles raged across the stars, above hundreds of worlds and within countless cities.

The civilizations of the universe began to fear dragons, until they no longer distinguished between Star Dragons and Dark Dragons – both became associated with death and destruction. Long after the war ended, they were remembered only as shadows of nightmares in the imaginations of millions.

Many families had been displaced from their homes. Entire worlds were destroyed, their people forced to flee, never to see their homes again. Some civilizations willingly took in these refugees, while others turned them away out of fear that the monsters would follow them. Still other refugees found isolated worlds to hide upon, fearful that others would pillage what was left of their valuables, or that the dragons still hunted them.

During one such exodus, a prophecy was told, giving the slightest glimmer of hope. It was said that one day their world, though shattered and broken, would return to them, and on that day they would rise up from the shadows once again. A leader would appear before them, and through this prophesied one, they would regain their former glory, and the universe would recognize the power they had become.

But the prophecy also spoke of the events that led to their rise. When their world returned to them, it would come at a great cost.

The skies would burn, and darkness would fall.


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