First Glimpse at The Orc War Campaigns!

Hey everyone!

Ready for your first glimpse at the upcoming Sword of Dragons web series, The Orc War Campaigns?  Today is your lucky day!  Not only do you get an excerpt from the first episode of the series, you also get to see the titles of the first three episodes!  So without further ado, here they are!

Episode 1 – Invasion
Episode 2 – Counterstrike
Episode 3 – Assault at Ironwood

These 3 stories form a beginning trilogy that will kick things into high gear right from the very start!

Now, I am very excited to show you all the first excerpt from the new series!  A bit of background on where the scene is to get you started:

After receiving reports of invading orcs attacking a mining encampment in the Ilari Mountains, Cardin Kataar and his companions are dispatched to scout out the numbers and strength of their enemy.  Reis, an experienced scout, had successfully spied the encampment, but was discovered and chased by the orcs’ sentries.

After a narrow escape through Dalin’s portal, the group recovers and learns a startling truth.


Dalin turned to where the portal had been, and sighed. Not one orc had made it through after them.

With a huge sigh of relief, he stood up tall and nodded for Cardin and Sira to release him. When he looked ahead, he saw the gates of Archanon, welcoming them in.

Then he glared at Reis. “Did you really have to bring the entire enemy force down upon us?”

Reis used a cloth to clean the blackened blood from his sword. He glanced at the Wizard and shrugged. “What? It’s not my fault.”

Dalin rolled his eyes, and mumbled, “Best scout, indeed.”

Cardin and Sira sheathed their weapons, and then turned to Reis. “Well?” Sira asked. “What did you see?”

The innocent grin on Reis’s face faded, and for the first time since Dalin had met the Warrior, he looked completely serious. “It’s worse than we feared.” He looked at each of them, and then focused again on Sira. “There are thousands of them. It’s an invasion army, and the Relkin Mine is their beachhead.”

Dalin felt his heart sink. He exchanged worried looks with both Cardin and Sira. She grimaced and looked at Archanon. “Then they are in the perfect position to march upon Archanon.”

Cardin nodded. “It sounds like a new Orc War is about to start.”


By The Numbers

Back when I was actively writing Chronicles of the Sentinels, I used to post excerpts along with a tally of page count and word count.  With the completion of the first 3 stories, I thought I’d post those numbers here for curious minds :)

Episode 1 – Invasion
Word Count – 12,369
Page Count – 37

Episode 2 – Counterstrike
Word Count – 11,918
Page Count – 36

Episode 3 – Assault at Ironwood
Word Count – 14,113
Page Count – 42

Although I don’t know yet how many episodes there will be in the series, I am shooting for 9, the same number my old Fan Fiction series used to have per-season.  At this rate, these stories will easily combine into a novel-length anthology, which is my plan at the end :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!
-Jon Wasik

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