Insane Deadlines – Am I In Over My Head?

Hey everyone,

What a month this has turned out to be!  2 weeks between blog posts, AND I was 12 hours late posting the 3rd episode of The Orc War Campaigns!

Have you started reading The Orc War Campaigns yet?  You should ;)

But as I missed that deadline and find myself struggling to keep up with blogging, I have begun to wonder something: am I in over my head here?  Bi-weekly postings of new episodes of The Orc War Campaigns, a final proofing of Burning Skies for a May release date, plus I still have work to do on the cover…

Suddenly I’m realizing what it must feel like to write for a living, under constant deadlines from your editor or agent, not having any room to breathe between stories…

It’s kind of exhilarating :D  lol.  Seriously, it is.  But it’s also exhausting.  And terrifying.  I feel soooo horrible just for being 12 hours late on episode 3.  And now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with the schedule I’ve set for The Orc War Campaigns.

On a similar tangent, I’ve begun to worry that I won’t be able to do the characters justice in the limited run of the series.  I could realistically write 20 episodes with the amount of story I would ideally like to tell, but that’s just not possible.  Certainly not if I want the whole thing to be done before Burning Skies is released.

So I am considering two potential options.  Only telling the key stories in the 9 planned episodes (which also involves splitting episode 4 into two episodes, as it has become two very distinct stories,) or letting the series extend far beyond the release date of Burning Skies (and this would inevitably mean I would not be able to keep up with my bi-weekly release schedule.)

What do you all think, intrepid readers?  I’m curious to know what the fans want :)

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik


One thought on “Insane Deadlines – Am I In Over My Head?”

  1. I enjoy ALL OF your writing very much and would much rather see more volume over a longer period of time. Caveat: I am late far more often than I am on-time (Some people joke (?) with me when I say “I’ll see you at noon.” and they say “Noon kranz-time, meaning 12:05?” !!!!!) so a 12 hour delay in getting Three is nothing … to me.
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Your plots are worth waiting for.

    Aside: is there a blog somewhere about the psychology of people who are punctually challenged? Who fret about a 12 hour delay in a multi-year project??

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