Burning Skies – Chapter Titles!

Hi everyone!

First I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the new readers/followers, and to everyone who liked my last article!  It warms my heart to see a surge in activity :)

I had hoped today to be able to do a cover reveal of Burning Skies, but I am holding out for the final proof copy to arrive…which it should have no later than today.  But it has not arrived :(

So instead, I have other good news.  Actually, two really fantastic bits!  The first is probably the most exciting, and I know a lot of people have been chomping at the bit for this one…

Burning Skies Release Date Announced!

After delays, setbacks, and some heartache, I’ve finally been able to settle on an official release date for Burning Skies!!

May 27th, 2016!!!

2011 Independence Day Celebration at York Field. File photo
2011 Independence Day Celebration at York Field.

Barring any more of those pesky unforeseen circumstances *knocks on wood* in less than 4 weeks, the next story in the epic saga will be out for your reading pleasure!!

I am so excited to release this next chapter.  I finished the first draft over two years ago (yes, before I even released book 1, heheh) and was so anxious to release it after book 1.  While I was initially sad that I had to push the release date back six months, I’m really glad I did, I was able to really polish it and, I hope you all will agree, turn it into something phenomenal.

And of course, I’m not satisfied leaving you all with just that little tid bit of exciting news.  I was looking back at past blog articles I wrote on Burning Skies, and I realized I never released the chapter titles on here!  I did on my personal facebook page, back before I had a blog, but not for all of you.  So, without further ado, I give you the official chapter list for Burning Skies…

Burning Skies – Chapter Titles

Chapter 1 – The Orc Shaman
Chapter 2 – The New World
Chapter 3 – The Allied Council
Chapter 4 – The Wolves of Devor
Chapter 5 – Reunion
Chapter 6 – Lies and Half-Truths
Chapter 7 – Hidden Among Us
Chapter 8 – The Tomb of the Ascended
Chapter 9 – Crossroads
Chapter 10 – The White City
Chapter 11 – Lost
Chapter 12 – Banquet of the Sea
Chapter 13 – The Royal Ball
Chapter 14 – The Dagger’s Edge
Chapter 15 – Wizard’s Flame
Chapter 16 – The Price for Peace
Chapter 17 – Derelict
Chapter 18 – Shadows of the Past
Chapter 19 – Fiera’s Secret
Chapter 20 – Desolate Hope
Chapter 21 – Into the Crystalline Peaks
Chapter 22 – Surrounded
Chapter 23 – The Navitas
Chapter 24 – The Lost Elf
Chapter 25 – The Ruins of the Dead
Chapter 26 – Consumed
Chapter 27 – Return to Edilas
Chapter 28 – Escape into the Catacombs
Chapter 29 – Evacuation
Chapter 30 – Into the Fire
Chapter 31 – The Arrival
Chapter 32 – Daruun Forest Burns
Chapter 33 – The Impossible Ruins
Chapter 34 – Darkness Descends
Chapter 35 – A New Power
Chapter 36 – Setting the Board
Chapter 37 – The Battle for Maradin
Chapter 38 – Avatar
Chapter 39 – Second Chances
Chapter 40 – Shared Secrets

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the upcoming new adventure!  Let me know what you think of the chapter titles, and the release date :D

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Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik


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