Burning Skies – The White City

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From the wretched, stinking Wastelands, down to the Crystalline Peaks, and across the vast ocean to the unexplored eastern continent of Trinil, Burning Skies explores several new and exciting locations on Halarite!  Among them, one of the most exciting to write about was the capitol city of Erien, Maradin Port.

Image Source - tyleredlinart.deviantart.com
Image Source – tyleredlinart.deviantart.com

Known as the White City, Maradin sits on the eastern edge of Edilas, the continent upon which the four kingdoms reside.  With glittering beaches of white sand, temperate climate year-round, and as a major port and hub of trade, it is one of the largest cities in existence, second only to Archanon.

It’s also here that Cardin Kataar and his companions will embark upon their mission to investigate the colony on the eastern continent, in the Port of Hope.  And as you’ve seen by the chapter titles, a rather important battle takes place here near the end of Burning Skies ;)

The Last Kingdom

white-sandsErien was the last kingdom founded, or rather discovered, in the history of Halarite.  Over 10,000 years before Burning Skies, the Order of the Ages commissioned an expedition deep into the white sands of the Desert of Ca’aluun.  Scorching temperatures, giant scorpions (we all know about them :D ), and a distinct lack of water, the expedition trudged on undaunted, confident they would find something magnificent.

At the end of their arduous journey, they came upon the white beaches of the eastern ocean, and a city surrounded by a great white wall.  They had found the lost city, settled by a group of explorers centuries before.  Here, one of the most pivotal moments in history occurred, when Zairel would face his greatest enemy, and ascend to become the sixth god of the Order of the Ages.

Now Maradin serves as a capitol for a kingdom that spans the entire eastern quarter of Edilas.  With warm oceans, unique spices, and a formidable fleet of warships and trade ships, Maradin is well protected.  Their Warriors spend most of their resources guarding their border with the Wastelands and the famous Freemount Passage, the only land-based trade route between Erien and the rest of the kingdoms.

Not Your Ordinary Fantasy City

While much of the architecture and society of Sword of Dragons is based upon traditional European-style fantasy, Maradin is decidedly different.  I wanted this difference to be marked, as Maradin was separated from the rest of the world during the formative stages of its history.

Image Source - ubisoft.com
Image Source – ubisoft.com

In my mind, I pictured it as being a more, how shall I say…’posh’ version of some of the ancient cities depicted in the first Assassin’s Creed.  Maradins are very proud of themselves and their accomplishments, and while they have adopted a monarchy system similar to the rest of the four kingdoms, they pride themselves on their differences, and the fact that they thrived long before contact was established with the rest of Edilas.

Where Exactly Is This?  Can We See A Map?

I put this in here because I’m excited to say the map of Halarite is getting sooooo close to completion :D  It won’t make it into book 2, but I fully anticipate it being ready to include in book 3!  Plus I’ll make it available on the Sword of Dragons website for all to see.

I can’t thank my friend Chloe enough for this, she is creating beautiful maps, both of the whole world, and more detailed versions of each continent, completely free!!  :D  I’m looking forward to being able to share them with you all!

I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into the upcoming 2nd novel.  Can you believe it’s only 8 days away from release?!  Wow! :D

Thanks for reading :)
-Jon Wasik


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