Coming Soon – Maps of Halarite!

Hey there, everyone!

I have some incredible, long-awaited news – the maps of Halarite are nearly finished!  Well, actually, they are finished, the drawing aspect anyway.  My friend Chloe has been hard at work on them for quite some time, and this past week gave me the completed products!

So what’s left on them?  Firstly, she intentionally left any and all labels off of the maps so that I could add them in digitally.  So I will begin work on that soon.  Secondly, I might play around with adding in post-processing effects to give it that parchment paper look.

Maps and World Building

Image Source -
Image Source –

I’ve always loved old maps and old globes.  In fact I have a globe that my Grandpa gave me when I was a teenager, and while I can’t seem to find an actual date on the globe, based on countries shown on it, it predates 1945.

middle-earth-mapAnd then there are fantasy maps.  From the first time I got my hands on a cloth Everquest map back when the game first came out, I was hooked on fantasy maps.  I’m super sad to say that I do not know what happened to that cloth map :( But since then, I’ve become a bit of a collector.  Somewhere in my boxes, I have paper maps of several EverQuest realms, four Elder Scrolls areas (including Shivering Isles), and my most favorite piece, a giant map of Middle Earth framed and hanging on my wall :D

So naturally, when I first started developing what would one day become The Sword of Dragons, I began drawing my own map.  I knew it wasn’t nearly high enough quality to ever publish in the novels, but it gave me a consistent point of reference I could use.

worldofwarcraftmapThat way whenever I talk about where the characters go, and where they are in relation to other locations, I can keep it consistent.  Keeping consistent within my world has been one of my greatest goals, and having a map to reference has been a big help!

I know as a reader, I love having maps to reference, so that is why I am so excited to show everyone the maps when they are finished!  And beginning with The Orc War Campaigns anthology when it is released, the relevant maps will show up in every book from here on out for all of you, my awesome readers :D

So what’s your favorite map?  Real-world, fantasy, sci-fi, anything, tell me, and better yet, show me!  Post links in the comments, and let us all see your favorite cartographs :D

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik


Pssst.  Wanna see a sneak peak?  Yeah?


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