When A Stranger Compliments Your Novel!

Hi everyone!

Being a writer, especially an independently published writer, has its ups and its downs.

Certainly among the down sides: very long hours, deadlines (whether publisher-imposed or self-imposed) that can sometimes be unrealistic (yes, I’m glaring at myself for this one, heheh,) and no guaranteed return on any of your investment, let alone profit enough to live off of.

So why do I keep doing this?  Well, you mean other than the absolute need to write?  The insatiable desire to take the stories that are rolling around inside my head and get them into a form that can be shared.

Cover Sword of Dragons DigitalIt’s because of times like last night…which makes all of it absolutely worth it!  When someone I had never known sees me wearing a shirt with the cover of The Sword of Dragons on it, and he says, “I love that book!  Wait…are you the author?!”

No joke.  This happened to me last night at a party.  And I was just blown away, I am still giddy at the thought!

It happened at Gamefest (last year, I wrote an article about my first Gamefest, check it out!) late last night, I was just getting ready to head for home at about 1AM…and as I’m walking out of the living room to go put on my shoes, that’s what I heard someone say.  Thanks, Rioux!  :D

These are the moments I’ve looked forward to ever since my first book was published.  Not to downplay all who have supported me thus far, but to have someone you’ve never met before recognize your book, give it accolades, and then say, “Wait, you’re the author?” and be happy to meet you?

That was an awesome way to end the evening :)

Sorry for the short post, it’s a pretty busy day today, but since it’s my regular posting day today, I thought I could share that with you :)

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik


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