The Finale – Finishing The Orc War Campaigns

Hi everyone!

For those who haven’t seen my little snippets on my Facebook page, I’ve been writing the final episode of The Orc War Campaigns for the past week!  :D And what a finale it is turning out to be!

digital-cover-1To this day, I regret having to pause mid-season on TOWC, I wanted to have the series finished before Burning Skies…but ultimately it was the right choice to make.  I already felt rushed on the series, and Burning Skies needed major work to meet the deadline of an end of May release.

But it’ll have been worth it.  As a result of my decision, I’ve been able to spend more time on the series, and that extra time will be reflected in the quality of the story and the writing.

In fact, the story?  Wow, it ended up taking me places I didn’t quite expect.  This series has definitely been the most highly character-driven series I’ve written, and I think that experience will help me better develop the main characters in the novels from here on out.

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Of everything that’s happened, figuring out how to end the series for Zerek has been the most intriguing challenge ever.  The young character who was meant to go in one direction, but quite vehemently wouldn’t let me, because it was so contrary to his character…which created a conundrum.  What direction should I take him, then?

I decided to let that uncertainty be reflected in his own character, as he tries to figure out the best solution to the dilemma he faces in the final episodes, and that made for a character dynamic I’ve not written before: uncertainty of identity.  Whether or not he resolves that conflict, well…you’ll all just have to read the series to find out :)

What Happens After The Series?

I don’t recall if I mentioned it before, but as much as I’ve enjoyed writing the series, I won’t be doing another like this.  Bridging the gap between books 1 and 2 has been fun, and these new characters were incredible to write about, but since I am only writing part-time, I cannot keep up with the demands.

Books 1 and 2 side by side :)
Books 1 and 2 side by side :)

As it is, the series spans over 400 pages in my ‘writing template’ (very different from when I format it for publication,) and I’m still writing the final episode!  In comparison, Burning Skies was 414 pages in ‘writing format,’ so TOWC weighs in at an even greater page count than my (so far) longest novel!  That’s a lot of material to write in just a handful of months!

But if there will be no more side-series like this…what will become of the characters?  Will we ever see Amaya, Zerek, or Arkad again?

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Image Source –

The answer is a resounding yesI fell in love with these characters, and while the focus on them is ending, their part in this tale is far from over.  I am already planning on integrating Amaya into book 3 (given what will happen in book 3, I’m sure you all will understand why she absolutely must be a part of it!)

Furthermore, I’m already writing into the finale how Arkad will be setup to play a role much further into the novels.  As for Zerek…I want to bring him back, but it will have to make sense for why he comes back.  I cannot make a guarantee about him.  I like his character, but I don’t want to throw him into the novels arbitrarily.

That said, I think I’m going to get back to it.  I still have a good 30 or so pages to write for the final episode!  Almost all of it will be action scenes, too!

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik


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