Special Post – The Orc War Campaigns Completed!

Hey everyone,

I know, two posts in one weekend, whaaaaat?!  But I have exciting news I just had to share…

The Orc War Campaigns is complete!

digital-cover-1As in, I finally just finished writing the final episode today!  I know, how crazy is that?  It was on September 10th that I wrote an article about starting the final episode, and it took me a month to write!

But with good reason – it ended up being way longer than I expected, Just over 100 pages to be exact!  In the end, I decided to make it a two-part episodes (which brings the total count for the series to 10 episodes.)

Also, the final page count for the entire series in my ‘writing format’?  475 pages.  That’s 60 pages longer than Burning Skies!  Wowsa!

When Will The New Episodes Start?

Image Source - sonobeno.deviantart.com
Image Source – sonobeno.deviantart.com

I’m shooting for one month, if not sooner.  As I believe I have mentioned before, I wanted to have the entire series written and one round of editing done before I started posting them.  So my goal?

I will go through one round of editing, as I just said, on each of the five final episodes.  Then I will print them out and begin hardcopy editing (where I usually am able to see more errors.)  My plans is to post episode 6, named “Crossroads,” as soon as I am finished with that 2nd edit, and then post the episodes once every 2 weeks after that.

But What About Your Planned December Release?

I had hoped to release the printed anthology by December, but with how much work I still have to do on the series, not to mention the need to get working on book 3 of Sword of Dragons, that just isn’t possible.  So at this time, the release date is TBD…

I’m so sorry to all of you, for the constant delays and postponements.  But I hope you will all think it is worth it…

How Does It Feel To Be Done?

Image Source - gagrid.deviantart.com
Image Source – gagrid.deviantart.com

When I told my girlfriend that I was finished, this was the very first question she asked me, and…I actually had trouble answering, because I didn’t know how to describe the feeling.  I know, failing as a writer, aren’t I?  :p

Finishing a series up is always hard.  When I finished the last episode of Star Trek Dragon, it was such an incredible release.  Over 7 years, 70 episodes, and who knows how many pages of materials (including the fact that I re-wrote the first six episodes, and in fact rewrote episode 1 twice!) it was such an accomplishment, and I was so proud of myself!

Star Trek Dragon Final Episode
Star Trek Dragon Final Episode

This was different.  I started development on The Orc War Campaigns in late 2015, and posted the first episode on January 19th, 2016.  So once the final episode is posted in late December, that’ll put it at over a year of development.  So not nearly as long…

Image Source - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/200128777168277635/
Image Source – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/200128777168277635/

And yet, this was far more powerful.  I put my heart and soul into this series, more than anything else I have ever written.  I explored some of the most painful elements of my life from the past 3 years with this series, incorporated them into Amaya, and even some of them into Zerek and Arkad.

I guess I always put a little of myself into my characters, but never like this.  And for it to end, in the way that it ended?

It feels like a giant burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Not the burden of writing the series, but rather the burden I felt carrying those elements of my past.  It was like I could finally let go…

I feel happy about this end.  And in fact, it turns out that the story has a happy ending.  :)  Not a “They lived happily ever after” ending, but one in which the characters have found themselves, and their place in life.

Thanks for reading, everyone!  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on more upcoming Orc War Campaigns news :)

-Jon Wasik


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