Coming To Life – When The Inanimate Have Personalities

Hi everyone!

It’s no secret: characters are one of the most crucial elements in a story.  But do you know what surprises me the most?  The characters who aren’t even truly alive…or are they?

It began when my girlfriend and I (she has moved her blog to WordPress, click here to see her first article there!  :D) saw Doctor Strange.  Our favorite character?

The Cloak of Levitation!!!
The Cloak of Levitation!!!

Yes, that’s right, the Cloak of Levitation.  “But…that’s not even a real character!” you might say.  Well…isn’t it?  And before you say no, there is precedence behind it…

The Inanimate Charm The Soul

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Who here has seen the Disney movie Aladdin?  Who remembers the Magic Carpet?  When I was a kid, that was one of my favorite characters from the movie.  And as I grew older, I came to like Carpet even more.  His little quirks, how excited he was, how much he just really really wanted to help Aladdin, risking his life at every turn.  (Wait…how do we know what gender Carpet actually is??)

Shale - Dragon Age: Origins
Shale – Dragon Age: Origins

How about Dragon Age: Origins, has anyone here played that?  There was an expansion that allowed a new character to join your party called Shale.  He was a stone golem, brought to life long ago, but frozen in place for countless years in the square of a small village.

Shale was highly sarcastic, and I loved that aspect so much of him.  He was the character who saw the irony in everything, and wasn’t afraid to point it out.  He also was conscious during the entirety of his outdoor ‘imprisonment,’ which meant he really, really hated pigeons.  Because what do pigeons do on statues? …Yeah.  So any chance he had, he would chase after and try to ‘obliterate’ them!

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These are only some of the ones out there that I like.  Other examples a friend gave me include all of the exhibits in A Night at the Museum, and the Howlers and the Car from Harry Potter.

These characters can be the kinds of characters no one else can be.  With personality traits that are completely different from everyone else’s, because they aren’t actually raised in the same environment, they aren’t treated like the living, and therefore have a unique perspective on the world.

And if you can make your readers fall in love with these characters…then you’ve won their hearts :)

Sword of Dragons – A New Character Is Born!

So a few days ago, I started thinking about it, and realized I wanted to do something like this in Sword of Dragons.  But…what?  What could I do?

I started bouncing ideas off of a friend at work, and started to come up with some thoughts.  Later that day, when my girlfriend and I were working on our projects together, I started telling her about it and asked her thoughts.  As she always is, she was very helpful and worked with me to develop a unique and interesting idea :)

And I have an idea of how I can introduce a similar character in the 3rd novel :D  In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to do so!

However, as Beck and I talked about it, the idea I eventually settled on was not quite the same as the others.

Spirit-based creatures?
Spirit-based creatures?

Book 3 deals a little bit more with spirituality, inner struggles, souls, and how the two types of magic in the Sword of Dragons universe works.  So I wanted to take advantage of that aspect…and take a very unique form of energy in book 3 and bring it to life.

It’ll be imprinted upon one character in particular, and as it never previously had consciousness, it’s personality will change drastically in the beginning, especially in book 4, as it tries to figure itself out.

I’m really excited about this, and I’m even more excited to start writing book 3 soon!!  :D

That’s all for today, folks!  Thanks for reading!  If you liked what you read, please click that “Follow” button!  And while you’re at it, head over to my girlfriend’s new WordPress blog and follow her, too!  :D

-Jon Wasik

PS: Baby Groot :D

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