The Orc War Campaigns Series Finale Now Available!

Hi everyone!

digital-cover-1As the title says, the final episode of the Orc War Campaigns is online!  If you haven’t already, head on over to and check it out!  :D  This is an exciting episode full of action and some intense character moments!

I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

I started the series over a year ago with the intent of making it a quick interlude between books 1 and 2 of The Sword of Dragons, but it quickly became a much larger project than I anticipated!  The characters took on a life of their own, and while I originally wanted each episode to be no more than 35 pages…yeah, it went waaaay beyond that!

And I couldn’t be happier, honestly.  As long as it took me to finish, it was completely worth it.

Moving On – The Sword of Dragons continues!

As much fun as this project was, it took away my time with the main series of the novels, and I’m really glad to be back to working on the next novel full time :)  I was starting to get serious anxiety with how long I left book 3 on the back burner.

This of course isn’t the last you’ll hear of the Orc War Campaigns.  Down the road, I want to release it as a print novel, but I don’t want it to be just the episodes you can download for free, I want to make it worth picking up the print.  So you can expect that release to include some extra special goodies :)

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Will Amaya, Zerek, or Arkad ever return in the novels?  For two of them, most definitely yes: Amaya and Arkad.  In fact, we’ll run into Amaya a little bit in book 3 :D  But I’m still not sure about Zerek.  I liked his character, but for the moment, I don’t know where I could fit him into the story and have it make sense.  I don’t want to just arbitrarily throw him in.  So we shall see :)

Did you have a favorite character from The Orc War Campaigns?  Would you like to see more of them in the novels?  What are your thoughts on the series?

There’s only one more Saturday in the year, so one more blog post to come!  For those who celebrate, have a merry Christmas!  See you in a week :)

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Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik


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