Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the lack of a blog post this weekend.  It…has been a difficult weekend.  My family had to say goodbye to our elder puppy Kayla, and it has been an emotionally difficult weekend for me.

She’ll live in our hearts forever, and I’ll never forget the day I came home from work and my parents had picked her up from the pound (we love pound puppies.)  That was about 14 years ago…

And there are more trying times ahead, so I apologize if posts don’t always come on time.  I’ll certainly try.  At the very least, I’ll post my usual end-of-year look-back and new year look-forward post.

Thank you for understanding…


8 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to a Friend”

  1. It is never easy to lose a furry loved one. They are family from day one until the end. I am sorry for your loss. Love to you and your family..

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