My Novels

This page gives a brief description, including progress, of novels I am working on.

Cover Sword of Dragons DigitalThe Sword of Dragons

Genre: High Fantasy
Status: Available!
Details: TSoD is set on the fantasy world of Halarite, an isolated world of humans who believe tales of fantastical creatures such as dragons and elves are nothing more than fables.

Ten years ago Cardin Kataar, an up-and-coming Mage (people with basic magical abilities and skilled melee fighters) refused induction into the Warriors’ Guild.  He believed the Guild was broken and had strayed from its ten thousand year old mandate to protect all the people of the land.  However, his choice led him to be shunned by society, including his closest friend Reis and his love, Sira.

A young and inexperienced Wizard, Dalin, approaches Cardin and asks him for his help protecting The Sword of Dragons from another rogue Mage.  Cardin jumps at the opportunity to make up for his past mistakes, but he fails to protect the Sword, and the rogue Mage uses the Sword to spark a war between two of the kingdoms.  Blaming himself for the war, Cardin must learn to work together with those he previously abandoned to end the war and defeat Kailar.


Burning-Skies-Digital-FinalBurning Skies
The Sword of Dragons Book 2

Genre: High Fantasy
Status: Available!
Details: Set six months after the events of The Sword of Dragons, Burning Skies takes Cardin, Sira, Reis, and Dalin on an adventure across the sea to a new continent, where they are to search for missing colonists and a missing elven archeologist.

The true history of their world begins to unravel as they discover evidence that humans were not created on Halarite, and that the four kingdoms do not, in fact, contain the only inhabitants of Halarite.  Dwarven ruins, an underwater civilization, and a dying race of necromancers are among the discoveries made along the way.

But nothing can prepare the world for the coming apocalypse and the return of a great evil.  A shattered world shall return to its people; darkness and fire will descend.


The Sword of Dragons – Book 3 (currently untitled)

Genre: High Fantasy
Status: In Progress
Details: I began this project immediately after finishing the 1st draft of Burning Skies.  As of December 2016, I’ve begun writing the manuscript, hopeful for a May 2017 release!

Book 3 will focus on spirituality, as Cardin comes to term with the new darkness within him, and as the religion central to Halarite begins an uprising at the behest of a new leader.  This will also be the first novel to heavily feature one of the Star Dragons, and will take Cardin to a brand new world!


Chronicles of the Sentinels – Legacy

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Status: Revising
Details: Chronicles follows the 22 year old college student Chris Tatsu, along with his two closest friends Alycia and Emmi, as they are caught up in the struggle to preserve the Barrier, a mystical shield that blocks all magic, placed around Earth thousands of years ago to prevent a Babylonian god, Marduk, from crossing over to Earth to conquer humanity and consume their souls.

The enemy is led by Marduk’s half-human son, Nabu, who has been trapped on Earth since the creation of the Barrier nearly four thousand years ago.  After being held captive by the Sentinels, an elite group of guardians meant to ensure the integrity of the Barrier, Nabu escaped fifteen years ago and has begun a campaign to finally dismantle the Barrier.

In the end, Chris will be faced with a choice: preserve the Barrier at the cost of one of his friend’s life, or destroy the Barrier to save his friend, even if it means leaving humanity defenseless against Marduk!



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