My Novels

This page gives a brief description, including progress, of novels I am working on.

Artwork by Vuk Kostic

Rise of the Forgotten
The Sword of Dragons Book 1

Genre: High Fantasy
Status: Now Available!
Print Edition – Click Here
Kindle Edition – Click Here
Details: TSoD is set on the fantasy world of Halarite, an isolated world of humans who believe tales of fantastical creatures such as dragons and elves are nothing more than fables.

For over 3,000 years, the Sword of Dragons has remained hidden in the remote realm of Halarite. Forged to end the catastrophic civil war of the dragons, it was feared by its creators and was buried and forgotten.

When the rogue Mage Kailar learns of the Sword and searches for it, only the fledgling Wizard Dalin recognizes the threat that she poses. With his pleas for help ignored by the Wizards and the Prince, Dalin’s only hope is to recruit the forgotten and outcast Warrior, Cardin Kataar.

Cardin and Dalin scramble to find the Sword and its guardian dragon before Kailar, but she is already ahead of them. If they fail, a new age of darkness will begin.


Artwork by Vuk Kostic.

The Orc War Campaigns
A Sword of Dragons Story

Genre: High Fantasy
Status: Now Available!
Print Edition – Click Here
Kindle Edition – Click Here
Details: The Orc War Campaigns is an anthology of short stories written in episodic format.  It bridges the gap between Rise of the Forgotten and Burning Skies.

In the wake of the Battle for Archanon, the four kingdoms of Edilas forge a bold new alliance.

Amaya Kenla, a former Warrior betrayed by her commander and imprisoned under the Prince’s controversial laws, is released by King Beredis, along with the rest of her team.

Their celebration is cut short when a boy in blood-soaked rags brings frightening news – an orc army has destroyed his mining camp, and are set to invade Tal.

Seeing Amaya’s potential, the King inducts her into the Guardians of Tal – elite soldiers tasked directly by the throne with the most dangerous and delicate missions.

When a new orc general reveals himself and displays unusual cunning, intelligence, and ferocity, the tide of the war shifts. Even when the orcs appear defeated, he strikes at the very heart of Tal.

Amaya’s most dangerous mission comes soon after: find this new general, and capture or kill him. The only way to do this is to sneak in behind enemy lines, into the heart of the Wastelands.


Artwork by Vuk Kostic

Burning Skies
The Sword of Dragons Book 2

Genre: High Fantasy
Status: Now Available!
Print Edition – Click Here
Kindle Edition – Click Here
Details: The four kingdoms of Edilas stand united for the first time in centuries! Six months have passed since the Sword of Dragons was uncovered, and the Allied armies prepare a final, united offensive to end the Orc War Campaigns.

When all contact is lost with the newest colony on the eastern continent, Cardin and his companions are dispatched to investigate. What they discover is an army of undead, and a prophecy that foretells a great cataclysm.

As the skies burn, and the dead rise to claim the world as their own, Cardin must find a way to save Halarite, or watch its ashes become the new dominion of the Necromancers.


The Sword of Dragons – Book 3 (currently untitled)

Genre: High Fantasy
Status: In Progress
Details: I began this project immediately after finishing the 1st draft of Burning Skies.  Unfortunately, I had to put the project on hold not long after.  However, with the 2nd editions of books 1 and 2 and the Orc War Campaigns completed, I’ve restarted work on this project!

Book 3 will focus on spirituality, as Cardin comes to term with the new darkness within him, and as the religion central to Halarite begins an uprising at the behest of a new leader.  This will also be the first novel to heavily feature one of the Star Dragons, and will take Cardin to a brand new world!


Chronicles of the Sentinels – Legacy

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Status: Revising
Details: Chronicles follows the 22 year old college student Chris Tatsu, along with his two closest friends Alycia and Emmi, as they are caught up in the struggle to preserve the Barrier, a mystical shield that blocks all magic, placed around Earth thousands of years ago to prevent a Babylonian god, Marduk, from crossing over to Earth to conquer humanity and consume their souls.

The enemy is led by Marduk’s half-human son, Nabu, who has been trapped on Earth since the creation of the Barrier nearly four thousand years ago.  After being held captive by the Sentinels, an elite group of guardians meant to ensure the integrity of the Barrier, Nabu escaped fifteen years ago and has begun a campaign to finally dismantle the Barrier.

In the end, Chris will be faced with a choice: preserve the Barrier at the cost of one of his friend’s life, or destroy the Barrier to save his friend, even if it means leaving humanity defenseless against Marduk!


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