On Writing

A list of my blog posts that cover writing, including the process of writing, proofreading and editing, as well as notes on stories that I am developing.

26 June 2014 – The Process – How I Write My Novels, Part 2
25 June 2014 – The Process – How I Write My Novels, Part 1
23 June 2014 – Modern Fantasy – What Is Magic?
15 June 2014 – Modern Fantasy – The Premise
14 June 2014 – Modern Fantasy – A New Story Idea
10 June 2014 – New Ideas – Don’t Be Afraid to Change It
08 June 2014 – Why I Write – Response to Rachel Cauilan’s Blog
06 June 2014 – Copyright Law – Helping Those Who Help Themselves
04 June 2014 – My First Blog – A New Adventure!


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