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CotS – Legacy Chapter 14 Excerpt

Hi everyone!

Today’s excerpt comes from another chapter in Emmi’s point of view.  I developed Emmi’s character about as much as I did the main character, Chris, and I think she’s someone a lot of young adult women will be able to connect with.  At least, that is my hope.

What Claire might look like (Image Source - Google Images)
What Claire might look like (Image Source – Google Images)

In this chapter, she is confronted by Nabu’s current consort, Claire.  I don’t want to reveal the circumstances behind this confrontation, but suffice it to say, Emmi is at a considerable disadvantage here, and Claire knows it.

As you’ve all seen, I’ve used photos of real people (some actors/actresses, some not) to kind of show what a character might look like.  For Claire, she is a former Sentinel turned to Nabu’s side through manipulation and deceit.  I could imagine Katee Sackhoff playing her because of the actress’s ability to be strong, both physically and emotionally, but also because she has a very human side, she does feel emotion.  In Battlestar Galactica, I think she performed that complicated role very well!


Emmi frowned and shook her head, “Why Chris? What the hell is so special about him?”

“Oh it isn’t just him,” Claire turned fully towards her. “It’s all of you. He just fears Chris the most.” Emmi looked at her in surprise, and a moment later Claire closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. She probably realized she shouldn’t have let Emmi know about that.

“Why would he fear Chris?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Claire shook her head and opened her eyes to glare at Emmi. “Just know that he needs all three of you.  And I will make sure,” she took one menacing step towards her, “that his infatuation for you wanes, and he will sacrifice you.”


Image Source - Google Images
Image Source – Google Images

I hope you all enjoyed this!  I’m not sure I’ll be posting many more excerpts, I’m worried about saturating too much, like when previews give away too many important plot points (for instance, Terminator Salvation’s previews ruined what could have been one of the greatest surprises in the franchise!)

What do you all think?  Do you want to see more, or would you rather wait for the novel to be published?

On a related note, I’ve heard some feedback from beta readers lately, and it has all been good!  I am so excited to hear that, everything they’ve said was exactly the kinds of reactions I wanted from readers :D  I can’t wait to share this novel with the world!

Thanks for reading :)