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Where’s He Been? 1 Month Absence

Hey everyone,

I wish to apologize to all of you for not keeping my blog active over the last month.  And, for that matter, for the sporadic updates over the past several months.

Sometimes life has a way of turning upside down on us, and it can happen to anyone, whether you’re Joe IT in the computer engineering business or a writer struggling to make a dent in the market.  And, well, I’m both of those.

I’ve always been hesitant to post personal details about what’s going on in my life, I’m still not used to being a part of the social media world like this.  So I hope you all will forgive me for having trouble getting to the point.

My girlfriend and I are parting ways this week, after struggling with our relationship for what feels like a really long time.  Those of you who bought my first novel, she’s the one I spoke of in the Acknowledgements and the About the Author sections.

In order to honor her privacy, I will not discuss any of the details.  This has been a really difficult time for me.  I have never felt so stressed before as I have the past few weeks, and it’s affected every aspect of my life, including writing.  I’ve just not had the energy to write in my blog or on my author’s Facebook page.

I will come back, of course, and probably sooner than even I expect.  I also still plan for a Fall release of Burning Skies, and considerable headway has been made in that regard.  But please continue to be patient with me.  I promise, I’ll be back soon.

Thank you,
-Jon Wasik

One Year Blog Anniversary!!

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe I missed this, but “A Writer At Heart” turned one this month!!!  Holy toledo, has it really already been a year?!  Woohoo!!!!

Image Source - www.tech.co
Image Source – http://www.tech.co

Remember back on June 4th 2014 when I started this blog?  No?  Well, here’s a link to that very first entry, heheh.

The Sword of Dragons – 5 star rating!

In other fantastic news, The Sword of Dragons received its first written review on Amazon.com recently, and it was 5 out of 5 stars!!  Yeah!  :D  Beyond that, I’ve received a lot of verbal feedback, too, and everyone who’s read it so far has loved it!

I am so beyond happy to hear that.  For a book that I worked on for so long, to hear that fans of the genre enjoy it puts a gigantic smile on my face.

On the other hand, sales have gone waaaay down, but that is expected for a novel – initial sales are often the highest.  I had hoped for better sales overall, but then there is one bit of advice I’ve gotten from a lot of people: get book 2 out fast.  People don’t want to invest in a new author unless they see he is a prolific writer, and that he is going to finish the series.

It seems like there are a lot of self-published authors out there who don’t follow through on their book series, and who can blame a reader for not wanting to get invested into new characters and a new world, only to have nothing come of it?

So with that in mind, I have something exciting to announce!

The Sword of Dragons – Burning Skies

Book 2 of The Sword of Dragons will be coming out this fall!!  :D

For those who have been following me for some time, you’ll already know that book 2 is completed.  So what’s left for me to do on it to get it published?

To start with, I’d like to change up one of the last chapters.  But that won’t take me long :)  Secondly, I then need to convert it to a format that is print-ready.  This will give me a final page count, which will determine the dimensions of the book.

150315 Cover Dragon Sword SmOnce I know how big the book will be, I can send those specs to Christian Michael, who is set to begin creating the cover of book 2.

Yep, you read right, the same artist who created the awesome cover of book 1 will be creating the 2nd book’s cover!!  I am really excited to have him on board again, he was fun to work with and seems to be able to interpret my inane ramblings into a good-looking cover, heheh.

Future Plans and Dreams

So what’s my grand vision for novel production at this point?  Aside from getting book 2 ready for print, I am hip-deep into pre-production of book 3.  That has me very excited, and I love where the story is going as I flesh it out.  I can’t wait to start actually writing the novel!

My current plan is a six-book saga for The Sword of Dragons, and will increasingly begin taking Cardin and his friends to other worlds.  While there is still so much that needs to happen on Halarite itself, they will also be forced to get involved in the larger picture in the universe, whether they want to or not.

Book 3’s release date is currently unknown, but it will be absolutely no more than one year after book 2’s release.  In fact I would love to be able to get it out much faster than that, and I know I am capable of it.  After all, I did develop, write, and complete Chronicles of the Sentinels in 3 months :)

However, my deadline for each novel is no less than one per year published.  Which means The Sword of Dragons saga will be completed no later than 2019.

The journey there is going to be a fun one, and I’m really glad to have you all along for that adventure!!

-Jon Wasik