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Conflict in Fiction – The Lesser Wars

Hi everyone!

Before I started writing what would become the final rendition of book 1 of the Sword of Dragons, the story began with a map.  At first all I did was draw in the lines for the continents, and then I started picking where cities and land features would be…and as I marked down the cities, I began to formulate the countries, and their back stories.

And thus, conflict was born.  Four kingdoms, two at each other’s throats, with the other two supporting one or the other.  Every couple of generations, a new war would start.

When the kingdoms briefly united against the common foe, Klaralin, many wondered if peace would finally reign upon his defeat.  But it was less than a century before Tal and Falind were at each other’s throats again, with Erien and Saran supporting each respectively.  These recurring conflicts, in comparison to the war against Klaralin, became known as the Lesser Wars.

But…why has conflict always broken out between Tal and Falind?  Why are these two countries destined to squabble century after century?  And will the peace that has come between them after book 1 last?

Remembering and Forgetting

By the time book 1 takes place, Tal and Falind have had periodic wars for over five thousand years.  No one remembers the reason behind the first conflict.  Somewhere in one of the sanctuaries of the Order of the Ages, there is a history book that tells of the first war, but even the greatest scholars have not seen nor read this book in millennia.

What often sparks the Lesser Wars now are land disputes.  Every time a new mine or other resource is discovered somewhere along the border, or every time a Warrior patrol from one kingdom strays into the other, it becomes the impetus for a new war.

One thing is for certain, the Warriors’ Guild has been at the head of almost every conflict (almost.)  When Cardin Kataar learns of this, it is one of the many reasons he begins to have second thoughts about joining the Warriors.

Is he right?  Are the Warriors the reason for the continual cycle of the Lesser Wars?  Can the cycle be broken?

As Professor River Song would say, Spoilers ;)

But this begs the question…at this point, does the original reason even matter?  If someone were to find this book and discover the original reason, could they point to this and say “See?  This reason is no longer valid.  Why are we still fighting?”  Or would the book give them more reason to fight?

Or, going back to the original question…would it even matter?

As we’ve seen in the real world, “yesterday’s enemies can be today’s allies; today’s allies can be tomorrow’s enemies.”  Today the United States and Britain are close allies.  250 years ago, we were enemies.  No one cares about those old grievances so much anymore.

So in all reality, no, a grievance five thousand years ago really has no play on the current conflicts.  At worst, if someone from the time of the current book series were to learn of the original reason, they might use it as an excuse to continue war.

Currently I have no plans of ever revealing in the book series why the original conflict began.  But the original reason is a matter of sovereignty, stretching back to the era of Archos and Talus themselves.  As the first kingdom, Tal, grew larger, it became more and more difficult to maintain the breadth of the Kingdom.  Saran and Falind were both formed around the same time as one another, named after their first sovereigns.

The leader of Tal at the time did not care for this outright revolt.  These lands were under his rule.  So he declared war.

And Tal lost that first war, and was forced to concede Saran and Falind’s independence.  But Tal didn’t forget, and never forgave.

Fortunate for Saran, their capitol was formed at the end of a labyrinth of valleys in a vast land of mesas, and was nestled against the sea, and so was easily protected.  Tal, realizing that they could never hope to take Sharenth, let them be, and when they had built up enough strength, marched upon only Falind.  Saran, unwilling to let Tal have their way with an independent nation, attacked Tal’s forces.

So the cycle began.  The seeds of hatred between Tal and Falind were formed, and the customary alliance between Falind and Saran was born.

Tal never conquered Falind, though they came close many times.  As the original reasons were forgotten, there even came a point when Falind had designs on conquering Tal, putting to rest the Lesser Wars once and for all.

I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into the history of Halarite and the four kingdoms!  If you enjoyed this, let me know and I’ll delve even deeper into Halarite’s history as time goes on!

Thanks for reading,
-Jon Wasik

The Orc War Campaigns – Character Reveal

Hi everyone!

Only a few days ago, I finished writing the 2nd story of the new Sword of Dragons web series, The Orc War Campaigns, and I realized something.  The story is not going quite where I expected.  The reason for this?  The characters.

Even though most of the characters in this series are new, I’ve somehow already reached a point with them where they are telling their own story, and I just seem to have the happy job of being their scribe ;)

The ones you already know from The Sword of Dragons are in it, and in fact are playing a bigger role than I originally planned in the initial trilogy of short stories.  In fact in the 2nd story, there is an incredible scene involving Cardin as he continues to develop his new powers from the Sword.

However, their part in the story will become much less important as the new characters take center stage throughout the series.  And I am most happy to state that one of the new characters is a strong female lead :)

Image Source - www.forwallpaper.com
Image Source – http://www.forwallpaper.com

As I’ve noted in a previous blog entry, men and women on Halarite, which is the world central to the Sword of Dragons universe, are truly equals.  While there are other forms of discrimination explored and to be explored in TSOD, I wanted to show everyone a world where gender does not determine your future, and no one is shunned or judged for being either a man or a woman.

That trend will continue.  And so, without further delay, I present to you the new characters of the upcoming web series.

Characters of The Orc War Chronicles

Amaya Kenla: A former lieutenant in the Tal Warriors’ Guild, Amaya and a small team she had commanded on a botched mission was imprisoned for disobeying one of the Tal Prince’s new laws enacted during his father’s illness.  Now, several months later, she and her team have been pardoned by King Beredis.

Hailing from the small town of Everlin near the Saran border, Amaya is a strong-willed leader who has gone to great lengths to earn her place and rank in the Guild.  She struggles with the anger she feels towards her former Commander, whom she believes set her and her team up.  With no proof, and a new war with the orcs looming, she fears she will never be able to prove it.

Her skills as a Mage and a leader do not go unrecognized, however, and instead of rejoining the Warriors, Amaya is offered a place with the elite guard of Tal, whose name is only whispered in the dark corners of the castle: the Guardians.

Zerek Betanil: An apprentice miner, 15-year-old Zerek has worked and lived with his father for as long as he can remember.  But that is not where his heart lies.  At night, he dreams of running away to join the Warriors’ Guild, so that he may take up the sword and fight off the enemies of Tal.

When tragedy strikes and Zerek’s life is ripped away from him, he must struggle to find a new place in life.  He has no choice but to take up a job as a courier in Archanon, where he watches the Warriors march by, day by day, wishing one would take him to the Guild to be trained.

Until he meets a young thief on the streets of the First City who steals his heart, along with his most prized possession.  Now he must find her to take back what was stolen, and somehow convince her to fall in love with him.

Arkad: Shrouded in mystery, this giant of an orc has taken command of the Wastelands in the wake of Klaralin’s defeat.  With an intelligence far surpassing any orc previously seen on Halarite, he commands the loyalty of all of his lesser kin, and maneuvers their armies into a multi-pronged attack that takes the four kingdoms by surprise.

He has made it his mission in life to return his people back to the cultured, intelligent, and strong people they once were before they were downtrodden by the despicable humans.  The only way he believes this can be accomplished is to make a new home for them outside of the Wastelands, in the lush, life-filled lands throughout the western half of Edilas.

But where did he come from?  How did he gain the loyalty of the tens of thousands of orcs that overfill the Wastelands?  These and so many questions surround him, as he gains a reputation on the battlefields for being ruthless and nearly unstoppable.


I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into the new characters of the Orc War Chronicles.  I do not yet have an initial release date for the first story, but it is my goal to have it out by December :)

This is a long shot…but are there any artists out there who would be willing to take a crack at character sketches?  Both for the new series and the novels?

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik

The Sword of Dragons Website and Release Date

Hey everyone!

That’s right, you read the title right: I have a release date set for The Sword of Dragons!  I’ve had this date in mind ever since I decided to self-publish, but I didn’t want to announce it until I was sure I could make this date:

May 12th, 2015!

Image Source - www.tech.co
Image Source – http://www.tech.co

I can’t believe it is almost here, just over one month away!  …Okay now that I think about that, I’m excited and terrified!

This will be my first book release.  This is such a completely new and amazing experience!  I know I’m supposed to have a release party, and my plan is to get in touch with a local book store this weekend to see if I can have my release party at one of their shops.

Beyond that…well, I think I’m ready.  No, I know I am ready.  I mean I still have some questions about how to get the release timed on Nook and Kindle, but minor technicalities aside, I am ready.

Like, beyond ready.  This feels like the right time.  I’ve been a writer for over 20 years, and I feel like all of that has been preparation for this year.  For this release.

And what’s great about it is that this novel has a history almost as long as my writing career.  No joke!  I don’t recall if I talked about that here before, but I would like to leave that story for a future article.  That story really does deserve it’s own article.

Official Website

So what’s next?  Getting the word out.  And that starts with the official The Sword of Dragons website.  I got chills writing that just now, heheh.  An official website for a soon-to-be published novel.  Oh yeah, that freaking rocks!!

Oh and for those of you who have stuck with me so far, as of today, you get a sneak-peak at the cover of The Sword of Dragons!

Cover by Christian Michael
Cover by Christian Michael

That is just a taste of the full cover!  And if you click on that image, it’ll take you to the teaser page I setup on the website :)

Is that all the website will be?  Heck no!  I have soooo many plans for it!  You see, this isn’t just going to be a launch site for the novel.  The Sword of Dragons is book 1 in a series, and the new website will become your gateway to that universe beyond the novels!  Character bios, history, side-notes, and as soon as humanly possible, a map of Halarite, the world that is central to The Sword of Dragons!

This, my friends, is just the beginning.  And I am so glad you are all here to see it from the start with me :)

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik