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The Sword of Dragons – Writing A Prologue

Hi everyone!

Image Source - http://geistig.deviantart.com/
Image Source – http://geistig.deviantart.com/

I have a lot of exciting news to start this post off with!!  :D  Firstly, part 1 of the series finale for The Orc War Campaigns has been posted, and as always, is completely free to read!  So click here to head on over to theswordofdragons.com and check it out!

Just as exciting, earlier this week, I began writing the manuscript for book 3 of the Sword of Dragons saga!  *bounces up and down in excitement*

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but my girlfriend and I always spend Wednesdays together working on our projects (usually she’s working on something cosplay-related while I work on book-related things.)  With the Orc War Campaigns all but finished, there was only one thing left to do :)

But…as is often the case, starting a manuscript is difficult at best.

Prologues – A Good Idea In Theory…

The difficulty I’m running into?  The prologue.

Somewhere back in time, over a decade ago, I thought, “I want to start my fantasy novel with a prologue!”  Fast forward several years to when I started writing book 2, and I thought, “I’ll write a prologue for all of the books!”

…and I decided that even though prologues are so difficult for me to write.  I rewrote book 1’s at least a dozen times, and about half that for Burning Skies.

So when I sat down to write book 3’s prologue…my mind drew a blank.  Maybe it’s my ADHD, which has been worse than usual lately, or maybe it’s just because prologues are difficult.  It took me over an hour to write one page (well, it ran a little bit more than one page), and in the end, I was completely dissatisfied with it.

The Purpose of a Prologue

Prologues tell a story that frame the novel.  What is this novel going to be about?  What might one or more of its themes be?  Or perhaps its primary purpose is to give the reader a little bit of history that isn’t covered in the novel itself, but is important to understand the story.

Image Source - www.ravensnpennies.com
Image Source – http://www.ravensnpennies.com

For The Sword of Dragons (book 1), the prologue told the story of the forging of the Sword and the end of the dragons’ civil war.  For Burning Skies, it framed the origin story of the Necromancers of Vestuul.

Book 3 of the Sword of Dragons will easily be one of the most complex stories I’ve ever told, with multiple threads converging in the final 1/3rd of the novel.  But the biggest event centers around the Order of the Ages, which is the central religion of Halarite, and the gods that the religion believes in.

That is the story the prologue will frame, the origin of the sixth and final god of the Order’s pantheon, named Zairel.  Why?  Well…that, my friends, is a story for another time ;)

In any case, this is the story I’m having trouble framing…not because I don’t know the story, but because a prologue should grab a reader’s attention and make them want to know “What’s going to happen in this novel?”  When Zairel’s story ends 10,000 before the novel starts, it seems (key word) like that’s all there is to tell about his story.

So the question is….how do I make the prologue seem like there’s more to his story, and that the next chapter in his story will be exciting and worth reading?

Moving On

In any case, the prologue is written…for now.  I have no doubt I’ll go back and reread it completely.  But I can’t let this difficulty hold up the rest of the novel.  So yesterday, I started writing chapter 1, and I intend to move forward with the rest of the manuscript.

So, intrepid readers, what do you think about prologues?  Do you like them?  Hate them?  If you’re a writer, do you like to write them?  Do you have any advice for all of the other writers out there about how to write them?

Please feel free to leave comments below, I love hearing from all of you!

Thanks for reading,
-Jon Wasik

Kailar – The Unexpected Fan Favorite

Hi everyone!

Image source - onceuponatime.wikia.com
Image source – onceuponatime.wikia.com

What is it about chaotic, even ‘bad’ characters that we enjoy so much?  From Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon a Time, to Vala Maldoran from SG-1, and a whole range of others, somehow these often become fan-favorites, often to the creators’ surprise.

For instance, I can’t help but wonder if the producers of The Walking Dead knew that Norman Reedus’s character would become such an overwhelming fan-favorite!  He seemed like such a minor, unstable element in the first season, but quickly become a much bigger character.  And fans have threatened to riot if they kill him off!

Kailar if Sword of Dragons was a movie :D
Kailar if Sword of Dragons was a movie :D

So perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that Kailar has become such a popular character in The Sword of Dragons…but I was!  As more and more people read The Sword of Dragons and Burning Skies, I hear more people tell me how Kailar is their favorite character, or at the very least the one that interests them the most.

It wasn’t until my girlfriend mentioned why she liked Kailar that I noticed the trend (and then the next day at work, a random person in the hallway stopped to tell me that she is his favorite!)

From Villain to Antihero

Image Source - www.pinterest.com
Image Source – http://www.pinterest.com

If you’ve read the first book, you know that Kailar was one of two villains in The Sword of Dragons.  However, when I first started planning out her character, I knew that I wanted to do something far different from any story I’d written previously.

I had a habit in all of my previous writings of never writing from the perspective of any of the bad guys.  In fact in Star Trek Dragon, the ‘villains’ were often entire species, rather than individuals.  I saw this as a failing in my writing, and I knew I had to change it.

So I started developing a villain who wasn’t bad just to be bad, but who had ambitions and desires, and who really thought of herself as in the right.  In fact from the very beginning, I wanted her goals to be the same as Cardin’s, but how she pursued them was what would set them apart.

I also never intended to have Kailar be a part of the series beyond book 1…but by the time I finished writing book 1, I knew that her story wasn’t done.  I enjoyed writing her too much, and I was already coming up with plans for what to do with her character in book 2.  So it would seem she isn’t just a fan-favorite, but she is becoming a writer’s favorite :D

Burning-Skies-Digital-FinalSo she made her return in Burning Skies…only this time, her story, her journey was much more personal.  Imagine for a moment something you love to do, more than anything else…imagine that your ability to do it was taken away.  If you’re a pilot, imagine that you, for instance, lost fine motor control and could no longer control an aircraft.  A painter who went blind.  A singer who lost her vocal chords.

What would that do to you?  How would it affect you?  Would it tear you apart?

…and what would you do to get it back?  How far would you go?  Would you do anything, or would there be limits?

Kailar’s Journey is Just Beginning

Knowing now that so many people love her character so much, I’m really excited to announce that her journey has just begun!  But where am I taking her, you might ask?

Well…the thing is, she is a chaotic character, an antihero.  So if you’ve finished book 2 and you think you know where she’s going, you might think again.  Her journey will never be a simple one, and there will never be a clear path forward for her.  She will always struggle against the darkness within her, and as much as she wishes to do right by everyone…there will always be obstacles.

But that doesn’t mean writing her character won’t be fun.  She’s a chaos character, after all, they do the things no other character would dream of doing.  So expect more than a few surprises along the way :)

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Stay tuned for news about The Orc War Campaigns, as the series will be returning soon!

-Jon Wasik

Character Reveal – The Covenant’s Guardian

Hi everyone!

With the release of Burning Skies just around the corner, I thought I should start sharing more about the exciting new adventure!  :)

Image Source - background-kid.com
Image Source – background-kid.com

Burning Skies starts six months after the conclusion of The Sword of Dragons.  The new Alliance has fought on a unified front against the orc incursion, and have pushed them back into the Wastelands.

In that time, all contact has been lost with the exploratory colony on the far eastern continent of Trinil.  The Wizards attempt to portal to the colony, but find they are blocked from doing so.  In fact, they cannot create a portal anywhere on the vast new continent.

Screenshot from Skyrim
Screenshot from Skyrim

As further mysteries compound, the Allied Council decides to send Cardin, Sira, and the rest of their team across the vast ocean to investigate.  What they find is an army of undead, poised to strike at Edilas at the will of their necromancer masters.  But who are the Necromancers?  Why must they strike at Edilas?  And how has no one ever encountered them before?

The Covenant of the Order of the Ages

Imagine everything you thought you knew about the universe has suddenly come into question.  What were once known facts have suddenly been proven completely wrong.  And imagine those facts were taught by a central body.

The Covenant, leaders of the Order of the Ages, have managed to retain a seat on the new Allied Council, but at the start of Burning Skies, their position has begun to weaken.  They have openly admitted to misinterpreting the Cronal, the central document that forms the foundation of the Order, and as they attempt to ascertain the truth, they struggle to maintain their place in the world.

But the Covenant’s secrets run even deeper than anyone knows, and as prophecy and apocalypse begins to unfold upon Halarite, more of the Covenant’s secrets begin to unravel.

Anila Kovin – Trusted Guardian of the Order

With such dangerous knowledge beneath the very foundations of Archanon, they have entrusted the protection of their order to an elite few.  Anila Kovin is the greatest of their guardians.

Shrouded in mystery, Anila is one of the most skilled soldiers Cardin has ever encountered.  She wields a sword unlike anything ever encountered on Halarite – long, slender, and curved, light as a dagger, and made with the strongest steel.  Anila is able to hold her own against Cardin despite having no powers.

Image Source - alphacoders.com
Image Source – alphacoders.com

When the mystery of the new colony on Trinil is linked to the Order and its secrets, Anila is dispatched with Cardin and his team to journey across the sea.  There she begins to form a close friendship with Reis, the only other member of the group to be powerless.

This comes as a refreshing change for the Warrior.  Having always been surrounded by Mages, and more recently Wizards, Reis has envied their power and felt out of place.  Anila is the first person he has met who is as powerless as he is, yet can hold their own against those with magic.

However, Anila’s secrets cannot remain hidden forever.  And in the final climactic battle of Burning Skies, the truth of who she is must be unveiled, and Reis’s spirits crushed.

I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into Burning Skies!  This is still just the beginning, and barely scratches the surface of the epic story told within the pages of Burning Skies.

PS: for those curious minds, Anila’s sword is indeed meant to resemble a samurai sword…  ;)

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik

The Orc War Campaigns – Character Reveal

Hi everyone!

Only a few days ago, I finished writing the 2nd story of the new Sword of Dragons web series, The Orc War Campaigns, and I realized something.  The story is not going quite where I expected.  The reason for this?  The characters.

Even though most of the characters in this series are new, I’ve somehow already reached a point with them where they are telling their own story, and I just seem to have the happy job of being their scribe ;)

The ones you already know from The Sword of Dragons are in it, and in fact are playing a bigger role than I originally planned in the initial trilogy of short stories.  In fact in the 2nd story, there is an incredible scene involving Cardin as he continues to develop his new powers from the Sword.

However, their part in the story will become much less important as the new characters take center stage throughout the series.  And I am most happy to state that one of the new characters is a strong female lead :)

Image Source - www.forwallpaper.com
Image Source – http://www.forwallpaper.com

As I’ve noted in a previous blog entry, men and women on Halarite, which is the world central to the Sword of Dragons universe, are truly equals.  While there are other forms of discrimination explored and to be explored in TSOD, I wanted to show everyone a world where gender does not determine your future, and no one is shunned or judged for being either a man or a woman.

That trend will continue.  And so, without further delay, I present to you the new characters of the upcoming web series.

Characters of The Orc War Chronicles

Amaya Kenla: A former lieutenant in the Tal Warriors’ Guild, Amaya and a small team she had commanded on a botched mission was imprisoned for disobeying one of the Tal Prince’s new laws enacted during his father’s illness.  Now, several months later, she and her team have been pardoned by King Beredis.

Hailing from the small town of Everlin near the Saran border, Amaya is a strong-willed leader who has gone to great lengths to earn her place and rank in the Guild.  She struggles with the anger she feels towards her former Commander, whom she believes set her and her team up.  With no proof, and a new war with the orcs looming, she fears she will never be able to prove it.

Her skills as a Mage and a leader do not go unrecognized, however, and instead of rejoining the Warriors, Amaya is offered a place with the elite guard of Tal, whose name is only whispered in the dark corners of the castle: the Guardians.

Zerek Betanil: An apprentice miner, 15-year-old Zerek has worked and lived with his father for as long as he can remember.  But that is not where his heart lies.  At night, he dreams of running away to join the Warriors’ Guild, so that he may take up the sword and fight off the enemies of Tal.

When tragedy strikes and Zerek’s life is ripped away from him, he must struggle to find a new place in life.  He has no choice but to take up a job as a courier in Archanon, where he watches the Warriors march by, day by day, wishing one would take him to the Guild to be trained.

Until he meets a young thief on the streets of the First City who steals his heart, along with his most prized possession.  Now he must find her to take back what was stolen, and somehow convince her to fall in love with him.

Arkad: Shrouded in mystery, this giant of an orc has taken command of the Wastelands in the wake of Klaralin’s defeat.  With an intelligence far surpassing any orc previously seen on Halarite, he commands the loyalty of all of his lesser kin, and maneuvers their armies into a multi-pronged attack that takes the four kingdoms by surprise.

He has made it his mission in life to return his people back to the cultured, intelligent, and strong people they once were before they were downtrodden by the despicable humans.  The only way he believes this can be accomplished is to make a new home for them outside of the Wastelands, in the lush, life-filled lands throughout the western half of Edilas.

But where did he come from?  How did he gain the loyalty of the tens of thousands of orcs that overfill the Wastelands?  These and so many questions surround him, as he gains a reputation on the battlefields for being ruthless and nearly unstoppable.


I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into the new characters of the Orc War Chronicles.  I do not yet have an initial release date for the first story, but it is my goal to have it out by December :)

This is a long shot…but are there any artists out there who would be willing to take a crack at character sketches?  Both for the new series and the novels?

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik

The Guilds of Halarite – The Sword of Dragons

Hi everyone!

While they are not the only guilds on the world of Halarite, The Warriors’ Guild and the Wizards’ Guild are central to the story of The Sword of Dragons.  But what are they?  Who leads them?  How were they formed?  Here’s a sneak peak into these elite groups :)

The Warriors’ Guild

Image Source - http://scifigiant.deviantart.com
Image Source – http://scifigiant.deviantart.com

They have existed since the dawn of the first kingdom of Tal, the elite fighters, the best swordsmen and archers, the most powerful Mages.  Their founding mission was to protect every citizen of the kingdom.

For over 10,000 years they have stood as the guardians of humanity, grown larger and stronger.  When the other kingdoms formed, they joined them, and spread across to every corner of the continent.  While the kings and queens still have their own loyal soldiers, the Warriors stand apart, and are paid handsomely to protect their countries.

When a young man or woman becomes old enough to hold a sword or bow, or when a Mage first displays their power, they are taken before the Warriors for consideration.  If they are deemed strong enough, they join the Academy.

While much of their time is spent in martial training, they also spend considerable time in the classrooms, reading about history, language, art, and countless other subjects.  They become the most well educated citizens of their kingdoms.

Image Source - http://darkskies.wikia.com
Image Source – http://darkskies.wikia.com

Upon graduation, inductees swear their oath to the Guild.  Custom armor and weapons are forged for them, often dyed to their requested color, signifying each Warrior as unique, a cut above the common soldiers.  And they begin their life-long careers in the Guild.

Most Warriors experience lives of endless patrols, continuing education, and eventually they become the teachers or leaders of the Guild.  But every couple of generations, another Lesser War breaks out, and the kingdoms look to the Warriors to defend their borders.

Image Source - http://imgarcade.com
Image Source – http://imgarcade.com

There is no more dangerous times to be a Warrior.  With all kingdoms calling upon their Warriors, the battles are devastating and vicious, casualties are high.  That is why most veterans do everything they can to keep the peace.  Sometimes at any cost.

The Wizards’ Guild

Image Source - http://shadowd.pbworks.com
Image Source – http://shadowd.pbworks.com

Magic did not always exist in the kingdoms.  Though considered to be among the greatest men of all time, even the fabled Archanon and Talus did not have magical abilities.  But over time, abilities began to manifest amongst a select few of the citizens.

Over time, the powers of these individuals and their descendants grew.  Their lives became longer, and they became both revered and feared in society.  Eventually there came to be one in particular, a powerful woman named Raulor, who realized the inherent dangers of uncontrolled magical development.

Image Source - ladykatierealm.blogspot.com
Image Source – ladykatierealm.blogspot.com

She began to gather those she could find with the talent, and began to train them with what she had learned.  With the blessing of Tal Kingdom, the Wizards’ Guild was formed.  As her own apprentices took on their own pupils, a dedicated compound was needed, and the first Grand Wizard Hall was built in the north, where the Wizards could practice their craft without endangering anyone else.

As with the Warriors, education become essential to the Guild.  Other citizens revered them as the wisest and most intelligent, and looked to them for guidance.  They became the advisers to the kings and queens.

It was not long before they began to believe the rhetoric themselves.  Eventually they began to believe themselves above humanity.  Eventually, they began to think of themselves as separate from humanity.

On the eve of the Great War, the Wizards decided the time had come to leave behind Halarite and the four kingdoms.  With their combined powers, they created a wholly new realm in space and time, where the Second Grand Wizard Hall was constructed.  They disenchanted their old Hall, and abandoned Halarite.

For three thousand years, they have remained isolated.  Few ventured from the Grand Hall to Halarite or other worlds, and they became complacent in their isolation in the universe.


Image Source - www.forwallpaper.com
Image Source – http://www.forwallpaper.com

During the height of the Wizards’ Guild, they began to become far more selective of whom they allowed into their ranks.  They stopped taking any human with magical talent and began to allow only the most talented.

This left many untrained people with magical talents.  With lesser power, they realized they could not rely entirely on magic.  This was how the Mage class came to be – they trained in both martial and magical arts, and became invaluable members of the Warriors’ Guild.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the universe of The Sword of Dragons.  Keep your eyes peeled, because the novel will soon be available!!  :)

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik

Writing Process Blog Hop

Hi everyone!

I was recently tagged by Erica in her blog for something called the Writing Process Blog Hop.  As a writer, I thought it asked some good questions and would be intriguing to answer :)  Here goes nothing!

What Am I Working On?

My current focus is on a project called Chronicles of the Sentinels.  This represents the beginning of at least a trilogy of novels, although I’m already coming up with ideas for stories beyond the initial trilogy!  The central characters are three ordinary college students who are caught up in the struggle to preserve a mystical barrier that blocks all magic from Earth.

Another project that I’m only working on ‘part-time’ is the second book in a series, called The Sword of Dragons – Burning Skies.  While Chronicles is more of a unique fantasy, The Sword of Dragons has a more ‘traditional’ fantasy setting, with some unique twists on it :)

How Does My Work Differ From Others of Its Genre?

Chronicles of the Sentinels is a modern-day fantasy, and while those are becoming increasingly popular these days, the path it will take is somewhat unique.  The premise is that magic is real, but thousands of years ago, to prevent a Babylonian god from coming to Earth to conquer humanity, the Sentinels, a group of extraordinarily powerful wizards, came together and built a barrier that blocked all magic from Earth.

Image source - http://www.fanfiction.net/  (A good example of what Nabu should look like)
Image source – http://www.fanfiction.net/ (A good example of what Nabu should look like)

Fast-forward to today, and Marduk’s half-human son Nabu makes a final attempt to bring down the Barrier…and succeeds!  So imagine in today’s society that magic, once thought to be flights of fancy or heretical, suddenly becomes very much real.  How would this impact society?  How would this impact individuals?  While telling an exciting and fun adventure tale, these topics will be explored throughout the trilogy.

Why Do I Write What I Write?

Image Source - http://www.wikipedia.org
Image Source – http://www.wikipedia.org

Why I write in general is covered in my About page, but why do I write Fantasy?  That’s actually a very good question, one which I haven’t thought much about.  Fantasy has been a genre that has always intrigued me.  While the first movies I remember watching were science fiction (Empire Strikes Back and Star Trek 3), the first real, proper novel I remember reading was The Hobbit.  Even before then, children’s books filled with magic and mystical creatures always enchanted me.

So now I wish to forge my own tales in that fantastic, imaginative genre!  Furthermore, just like with Science Fiction, Fantasy is a genre in which writers and their readers can explore very deep, very important concepts of humanity in an engaging way.  Who are we?  Why are we here?  What is human nature?  Why?  All of these can be explored without boring the reader, and you never know the impact your stories will have on their own lives!

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

I covered this in-depth in a two-part blog article (Click here for Part 1) but I do have a somewhat structured process that has really helped me with novels.

The first part is what I call pre-writing, and that is all of the work involved before actually writing the manuscript’s first draft.  This includes brain-storming, researching, character development, location development (such as map drawing), culture development, everything you should do prior to starting a new project.  Much of the development is written down by hand in journals.

All of my writing journals so far.  From top left: TSOD book 1, TSOD book 2, TSOD book 3.  From bottom left, TSOD Bible, Chronicles of the Sentinels.
All of my writing journals so far. From top left: TSOD book 1, TSOD book 2, TSOD book 3. From bottom left, TSOD Bible, Chronicles of the Sentinels.

The second part is actually writing the first draft.  In my pre-writing, the final stage is writing out chapter outlines so that when I write, I know what each chapter should be about ahead of time.  But I also don’t stick to that as hard-and-fast rules.  If the story takes me in a different direction, I’ll adjust accordingly :)

The final stages, what I guess you could call “post-writing” (like post-production on a movie) starts with two proofreadings, first on the electronic copy, and then on a printed hard-copy.  If I’m satisfied with the second proofread, I then send my novel to any friends willing to ‘beta read’ to get their feedback, and then with their notes and comments in-hand, I do a final proofread.

Tag People!

Not sure how many folks I’m supposed to tag, but off-hand there are two I’d like to tag: Ivyon from “Ivy Mosquito” and Victoria from “Coffee, Write, Repeat.”  If either of you have already done this before, please put a link in the comments here, I’d love to read your responses!

Thanks :)

Modern Fantasy – What is Magic?

Hi everyone!

One of the staples of every fantasy story out there is the supernatural, magic.  …and I just heard 30 or so people say “thank you Mr. Obvious.”  But while magic is a common element, what it is exactly and how it works has varied from one story to the next that it almost defies imagination.

Image Source - www.fanpop.com
Image Source – http://www.fanpop.com

From Harry Potter’s wand-waving to Gandalf’s staff-planting to Eragon’s word-magic, it has been one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring facets of fantasy for as long as the genre, in one form or another, has existed.

This year I have exciting task of coming up with my own twist on it for my new modern fantasy novel.  And to be honest, it’s almost kind of daunting!  Why?  Because this isn’t the first time I’ve created a magic-based universe, and I don’t want to create a carbon-copy of my first universe.

The Sword of Dragons

Image Source - forgottenrealms.wikia.com
Image Source – http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com

In The Sword of Dragons, the actual source of magic and the incredible powers Mages and Wizards and Star Dragons use comes from a common source.  While not every human is capable of tapping into that source, those who can, as well as countless other inhabitants of the universe, are able to do so through knowledge.  Knowledge of how to channel that energy into their own bodies, change it to their desired outcome, and expel it in what ever form necessary.

It isn’t as simple as just that, since there are what you might call ‘shades’ to the source of power, which creates diversity in magic.  Mages, in comparison to most others, are weak and can barely wield this power, so their abilities are rudimentary and manipulate raw power.  Wizards, while still human, are much more refined and disciplined.  They have the ability to cast elemental magic, create portals, and many other, higher-level spells.

I don’t want to reveal the actual source of power in the novels, that will be a revelation within the series :)  I’ve only covered the most basic aspects of magic in The Sword of Dragons, but I’ve spent the better part of a decade developing it and figuring out its tiny facets.  It is almost a character in and of itself within the Sword of Dragons universe.

However, the fact that I have worked on it for so long is also a bit of a problem.

Modern Fantasy – How Magic Works

Now that its time to build a new universe with its own set of rules, I find myself wanting to fall back on the existing universe’s ideas.  When I first started considering how magic would work in the new novel, I wanted it to work in much the same way.

When I realized this, I stopped myself and cleared away that idea.  I don’t want to write the same story, after all.  I want this to be a completely unique story with a set of rules all its own.

Where did this lead me?  To research.  Yes, like the geek I am, I started researching magic.  I didn’t go to other fantasy novels, at least not yet.  Where I did start was actual history.  To be honest, I didn’t expect to find so much material on it.

Image Source – http://www.love-egypt.com

The idea of the supernatural being real goes as far back as history, and I’m sure beyond even that.  From Ancient Egypt and Ancient China through today, humans are no strangers to rituals or incantations or enchantments.

While I expected the common elements of magic in Fantasy to have its origins in human culture, I did not realize just how much.  Almost every type of magic you’ve seen or read about in fiction has a basis on the beliefs of humans in the real world.  Shamanism, Necromancy, Enchantments, Witchcraft.  While I knew about some of this, I did not know about all of it, or the rich cultural and historical significance to it.

This brings me back to my original question: how will magic work in my new story?  Reading about it has given me ideas, but it will have to be one of those elements of the story that evolves as I continue to work on it.

The Power of Three

What I do know is this: the characters I have been developing over the past couple of weeks are key to solving this.  In fact as  fellow blogger Victoria recently pointed out in her blog, they are the prime factors of a story.

Images Source - http://bramleegwater.deviantart.com
Images Source – http://bramleegwater.deviantart.com

So the three primary characters central to my story, Chris, Emmi, and Alycia, will embody much of the magical ‘spectrum’ in this new universe.  Chris, being the central protagonist, will be the first to gain his new powers, but Emmi and Alycia will follow.

This is a sharp departure from The Sword of Dragons, where Cardin Kataar, thanks to the knowledge he is gaining from the Sword, will eventually be capable of using every power magic can grant.  Chris, Emmi and Alycia, on the other hand, will be limited, and while they might share some common abilities, the greatest of their powers will be unique to themselves.

In fact as I write this, the idea has struck me to give them specific types of magics, not necessarily just one, but again I don’t want them to share their greatest abilities.

Image Source - http://shadowd.pbworks.com
Image Source – http://shadowd.pbworks.com

Chris would be capable of using the more arcane type of magic, raw power, spells.  This would come from his deep connection to his ancestors and their own abilities, magnified through his own soul.

Emmi, being a more physical person, might find herself using spells that affect her physical body, such as controlled animism (so no, not a werewolf.)  I also would tie this in with nature, a strong bond with the natural world around her.

Alycia has a good spatial acuity and a very vivid imagination, and is able to take what is in her mind and create a representation in the real world of some sort (she is a graphic design major in college).  This makes me think of things like sigils and enchantments.  Bit of a stretch, I know, but my mind works in mysterious ways.

So there you have it, the beginnings of how magic works in this new universe.  I hope you all found this interesting, and that the latter half has garnered greater interest in my new story.  Please feel free to leave comments, I’m curious to know what everyone thinks!