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TSoD – The First Short Story is Finished!

Hi everyone!

I seem to have trouble finishing blog posts this week.  But you know what I didn’t have trouble finishing this week?  The first story of the new Sword of Dragons web series!!  :D

Image Source - www.tech.co
Image Source – http://www.tech.co

For those who haven’t heard yet, due to the delay in the release date of book 2 of the Sword of Dragons series, Burning Skies, I am going to be release a series of free-to-read short stories online for all to read!

Bridging the six-month gap between when books 1 and 2 take place, this new series will follow not just Cardin and his friends as they fight against the invading orc horde, but also will follow several new characters as they try to find their place in an ever-changing world.

The Orc Campaigns

Image Source - moviepilot.com
Image Source – moviepilot.com

Without giving away too much of a spoiler, book 2 picks up at the end of the campaign to hunt down and end the orc threat for good.  But that is only at the beginning of book 2.  What happened during the war against the orcs?  Why did the kingdoms decide to invade the Wastelands and hunt down the orcs?

That question and many more will be answered in this new series.  Answers I could not adequately give in book 2, as it immediately sets off in a new direction, story-wise.

And quite surprisingly, several people have asked me to go into more detail about the orcs, their culture, who and what they are.  So that is an aspect I actually intend to spend at least one entire short story exploring :)

Image Source - http://darkskies.wikia.com
Image Source – http://darkskies.wikia.com

Also, what of supplies for the war?  Weapons and armor?  The Blacksmiths of Halarite have quite a job ahead of them to keep the Allies’ war machines going.  But how does that work?  How does magic work with the weapons and armor?

That was actually a question that came specifically from Wayne from VtW Productions, and is one I am looking forward to exploring a bit in the stories :)  (So yes, I actually do pay attention to and respond to comments and questions from readers :D lol.)

Would You Like to Know More?

(Kudos to anyone who gets the Starship Troopers reference there ;) )

Image Source - nitehawkcinema.com
Image Source – nitehawkcinema.com

I’m debating whether or not to post little character bios for the new characters to the series.  Is that something you all would like to see as a prelude?  I don’t yet have a date for when I’ll start actually releasing the stories, whether or not I want to finish them all before I post the first one or release them as they finish.  So it could be a little while yet before the website is up and the stories posted…

This does mean, of course, that I need to design a website for the stories :)

PS: do you think it’s time for me to redesign this blog webpage?

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik


Good News and Bad News – Exciting New Direction!

Hi everyone!

I’ll come right out and say it: the release of Burning Skies, book 2 of The Sword of Dragons, has been delayed.  Originally slated for a Fall 2015 release (October was my goal), the release will now be delayed until a likely Spring 2016 release.

This is unfortunately due to funding issues. The manuscript itself is completed, formatted, and ready to go!  And it pains me to have to delay its release.  I’ve so looked forward to getting the next chapter in this saga out to all of you, especially after the purely positive feedback I’ve received from everyone who has read The Sword of Dragons.

But unfortunately my recent, unexpected relocation cost too much, and I no longer have the funds to pay the cover artist, Christian Michael, at this time.  I will recover and be able to afford the cover in due time, but I am still pulling myself back up from the move.

A Brand New Story on the Horizon

I didn’t want to bring you all only bad news, so I came prepared with some exciting news!  As I’ve been hip-deep in development for book 3, I came up with the idea of creating a series of short stories to bridge book’s 2 and 3, to lead up to the events of book 3.

Today, I thought “Why not do the same for book’s 1 and 2?”  And immediately, countless story ideas came to mind!  :D  Well, okay, I needed some prodding from a friend.

masterharper-of-pernInitially my idea was to have the series cover only the major characters and major events.  But then my friend (you all know him from my interview, Wayne Adams from VtW Productions!) started telling me how much he loved stories that covered characters, organizations, and events outside of the main story, such as the novels that feature the Harpers from Dragonriders of Pern.

That was when I started coming up with ideas.  A way to flesh out more of the universe of The Sword of Dragons, to see more of the characters and places that were only glimpsed in the novel.

Kate from A Knight's Tale
Kate from A Knight’s Tale, another great blacksmith!

For instance, what about Veral Adas, famed blacksmith of Daruun?  After all, if there is a renewed campaign against the orcs, weapons and armor will be needed, right?  What of other guilds, beyond just the Warriors and the Wizards?

And what about the orcs?  I’ve thought about possibly developing them more, so that would be an interesting challenge to develop their society more.

Of course, I’m not one to write a story just for the sake of the story itself.  I love when stories intertwine amongst each other, so this isn’t going to be a quick and easy “write this story, write that story, there we go, there’s content.”

The series will require its own development cycle.  Certainly shorter than my usual cycle for novels, otherwise it’ll take me forever to get the series out.

This is still a very fresh, new idea, so I’m not even 100% sure what direction I want to take the stories in.  But I want to give you all something to hold you over until book 2’s release, and I want that something to be truly meaningful.

So tell your friends, tell your family, the Sword of Dragons universe is about to get a whole lot bigger :D

Thanks for reading!
-Jon Wasik

Live interview tomorrow!!

Hey everyone, I have exciting news!  I will be interviewed on a live podcast tomorrow, for VtW Productions!


The interview will start out about my latest book, The Sword of Dragons, but will then go on to talk about games and other geekery.

VtW Productions is dedicated to everything geek, especially gaming.  I met Wayne, one of the hosts, a couple of months ago and he has showed a real interest in my writing and the process of self-publishing.  I’m really excited to be on the show!!

The podcast is at 12 Noon MDT, and is called “Show X.”  It is available to listen to on their website, and will be broadcast on their youtube channel as well!  So if you have a couple of hours and want to know what my voice sounds like, tune in Sunday, May 31st :)  And if you miss it, they archive and make available all of their past shows.

Thanks for listening!  :)
-Jon Wasik