How I Got Here

Photo taken by Laura Earley
Photo taken by Laura Earley

When I was a child, I used to tell stories to anyone who would listen!  Of course, most everyone just passed it off as a little kid telling tall tales, but my Great Grandmother Marcis listened intently, and was always interested in what I had to say!

Fast forward a few years, and one day while I was bored in 5th grade, I picked up a pen, opened to a blank page in my notebook, and wrote a short story.  It was horrible!!  (I say that while laughing)  But I loved writing it, and from that day forward, I was hooked!

You see, I’ve read books for as long as I can remember.  I started with those fun-filled kid’s picture books, like the Bernstein Bears, and moved to novels at a relatively young age.  Novels, and stories in general, have captivated and inspired me all of my life!  They have helped me to see life and all of its intricacies from a different perspective, taught me new ideas, and fired my imagination.  In times of darkness, they brought me hope and joy, and were companions that I could always count on!

For this reason and so many others, I continue to write today, with the hope, the desire, the need to inspire others as I have been all of my life!  I want to give to others what so many have given me, to give back to the world that spark of imagination, those dreams of fantastic adventures, and that comfortable companion that so many curl up to at night.

The Reality of the Business

Of course, very early in my quest to write and someday be published, I was given a very rude awakening: getting published the first time is hard!  I also was very aware of the fact that my writing style left much to be desired, and I knew that if I ever wanted to be published, I would have to work diligently.  Never-the-less, I knew then what I still know now: this is my passion, it is who I am.

Through years of trials and triumphs, I wrote over a hundred short stories, started a half dozen novels, lost too many stories to computer viruses (I learned the hard way to make multiple backups of my stories!) and dabbled in trying to get some of those short stories and a novel published, all ending in rejection.

That didn’t deter me.  After I finished a 7 year fan fiction series, I decided to buckle down and begin again on what would one day become what I consider to be my first publishable story, the novel now called The Sword of Dragons.

Since its completion, I have embarked upon a quest to find a literary agent willing to take me on as a client.  This quest has led me to new forms of writing – query letters and synopses.  They are so much harder to write than a 400 page novel!!!

I’ve had other passions and still have many.  I’ve been a singer, an artist, I learned Karate when I was a kid, I’ve dabbled in rock climbing, and I still read and play video games and love a good movie!  But one thing has never changed.  I am a writer.  And I live and die by the pen.

….Too dramatic?  ;)  No seriously, anyone who borrows my pen better give it back to me!!

Why I’m Writing A Blog

I have a few reasons I’ve created this blog, not the least of which is that I want to create something aspiring writers can come to for useful tips, hints, help, and inspiration.

I also don’t expect it all to come from me – while I’ve gained a good bit of wisdom along the way, there are so many people out there with experiences of their own that we all could learn from!  My hope is that my blogs will generate discussions that will help and inspire others!  So no matter who you are, always feel free to leave comments in my posts!  :)


I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve lost hope, and I’ve found it again, but I never lost my passion.  I hope to help others, including writers but also including anyone and everyone, find hope and keep going through this adventure called life!  I’m new to blogging, so I know I’ll make some mistakes along the way, but what an adventure this will be!


11 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your story of how you started writing.
    I was wondering if I could include some of your words in a book I’m working where real people who write share about their love of writing. It’s to inspire people to write. About 90 people are included so far and all credit goes to you for your words. All of them I’ve met through the blogging world! Your name, age and location would be included.
    All good if you’re not interested, just thought I’d check.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi JD,

      If my words can help other aspiring writers, I’m more than happy to help out! You’ve also prompted me to create a ‘contact’ page, so click on that link in the top menu to find out how to contact me to talk more about this :)

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog and for the follow..looking forward to some interesting conversations on writing…your comments and feedback are appreciated…also all the best in all your writing endeavours!

  3. Hello,

    Found your site after searching publishing topics. Best wishes on the new endeavor and I hope that you rule the world when it is complete. Until then, with your permission, I would like to become a follower.


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