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Calling all creative minds/poets – In The Sunshine of Summer Time

Neha’s collaborative blogs have resulted in some incredible and absolutely beautiful poems! For all of you poets out there, drop on by and contribute! For those who love to read poetry, keep an eye on this latest endeavor :D


Hi Everyone,

I thought I would start a summer collaboration that will be open for the months of July and August and close on September 1st, 2014! This is the longest duration I have ever had a collaboration open so I really hope a lot of you will participate…tap on to those summer memories, emotions and feelings… Just like the ones before, you can add your contribution under comments and I will place them in the order they come. I will put the name of the contributor at the end of the piece in the same colour as their contribution and the names will be in the same order as well. Please be patient with me on updating, as some days I may not get to be online during these months as previously noted but if you leave it in the comment I will make sure it has been added…

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Calling all Poets/Creative Minds – Writing letters by the moonlight

This was a really cool writing collaboration!! Check out the end results, it is quite beautiful :) Writing is often thought of as a singular activity, by itself (while the other aspects involved, such as proofreading and editing, are less so.) Yet this blog article shows that collaboration can result in some amazing work!


As the last collaboration was such a success, I wanted to start another. This time I will give everyone a week as I realize some of you only blog once a week. As usual I will add all contributions in different colour and list the contributor in the same colour at the end of the piece. I will add it in the order they come. Hope you all will join in on this one :) Thank you!


Unwritten letters of the heart,

which you always meant to start,

sitting by the moonlight…

A thousand words spun from my soul.

I cannot see through blinding stars

These tears by summers moonlight shed

The pen of my mind idle

As words unwritten fall to the floor

Of a broken heart

By loves denial

Opalescent beams pierce the inky dark.

Open arms that embrace my dreams,

and carry them into the ethereal blanket…

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